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Full Version: ~dargosmydaddy's a-doll-a-week 2022~
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She does look a bit wind blown.
Week thirteen

[Image: 101566164_63c666d0682d80948e2dbde5640cef4d_large.jpg]
Very cute. I don’t always like doll freckles because they can be overdone, but these are sweet. smile
The pink on her shirt is a nice match for her lips too.
I like the way the wild bramble bushes coordinate color-wise with her hair just enough to bring a sense of a tonal theme to the image without causing the figure to blend in to the background. That is quite an interesting setting.
I love her expression, she looks quite wistful.
Week fourteen
A dreary, rainy day calls for a bright, happy photo!

[Image: 101943958_9f64a94ac7376b6c7e4e8c1afae20ee6_large.jpg]
Ahhh, she's soooo cuuuuute!
Love the stripey theme.
I better check the forecast. If you have dreary rain it might be headed our way.
Hope you get some sunshine soon smile
Full points on the Bright & Happy scale! Bonus points for that hyper-curly "big hair."
Your dolls have such cool outfits.
The Dal jumping in puddles is so cute, much more fun than wading through the snow.

Lovely background with the antique postcard centre.

Her hair is so pretty with the windblown curls & the streaks in it.
Bright stripes have cheered me up a lot - thanks!
Week fifteen
Suspicions abound that the egg hunt was rigged...

[Image: 102341812_6ea2d84f5386fcbc13eea749a5154854_large.jpg]
This really made me laugh. Cute! LOL
I would be suspicious too! Thanks for the giggle when I opened the thread.
Never trust a Dal.
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