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Round 4 Results
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King<td class='s5'>320</tr><tr><td class=hd><p style='height:16px;'>.</td><td class='s3'>2nd<td class='s4'>Pajelle <td class='s4'>Requiem<td class='s5'>316</tr><tr><td class=hd><p style='height:16px;'>.</td><td class='s3'>3rd<td class='s4'>Molly <td class='s4'>Holyponiesbatman<td class='s5'>310</tr><tr><td class=hd><p style='height:16px;'>.</td><td class='s3'>4th<td class='s4'>Roux <td class='s4'>PrincessPetal<td class='s5'>304</tr><tr><td class=hd><p style='height:16px;'>.</td><td class='s3'>5th<td class='s4'>Moe <td class='s4'>KiraKira<td class='s5'>304</tr><tr><td class=hd><p style='height:16px;'>.</td><td class='s3'>6th<td class='s4'>Tangerine <td class='s4'>Hina Ichigo<td class='s5'>298</tr><tr><td class=hd><p style='height:16px;'>.</td><td class='s3'>7th<td class='s4'>Melanie <td class='s4'>Christopher Fritz<td class='s5'>285</tr><tr><td class=hd><p style='height:16px;'>.</td><td class='s3'>8th<td class='s4'>Lark Tamago<td class='s4'>Babelglyph<td class='s5'>278</tr><tr><td class=hd><p style='height:16px;'>.</td><td class='s3'>9th<td class='s4'>Puchiko<td class='s4'>Dana<td class='s5'>274</tr><tr><td class=hd><p style='height:16px;'>.</td><td class='s3'>10th<td class='s4'>Puki <td class='s4'>Vanie<td class='s5'>268</tr><tr><td class=hd><p style='height:16px;'>.</td><td class='s3'>11th<td class='s4'>Ettarde <td class='s4'>DeadlyNova<td class='s5'>263</tr><tr><td class=hd><p style='height:16px;'>.</td><td class='s3'>12th<td class='s4'>Justice <td class='s4'>TrueFan<td class='s5'>259</tr><tr><td class=hd><p style='height:16px;'>.</td><td class='s3'>13th<td class='s4'>Lily <td class='s4'>CuddleMonkey101<td class='s5'>249</tr><tr><td class=hd><p style='height:16px;'>.</td><td class='s3'>14th<td class='s4'>Noel <td class='s4'>SilverSumire<td class='s5'>242</tr><tr><td class=hd><p style='height:16px;'>.</td><td class='s3'>15th<td class='s4'>Nova<td class='s4'>Gaspode<td class='s5'>239</tr><tr><td class=hd><p style='height:16px;'>.</td><td class='s3'>16th<td class='s4'>Lark <td class='s4'>Sugarmag123<td class='s5'>238</tr><tr><td class=hd><p style='height:16px;'>.</td><td class='s3'>17th<td class='s4'>Yukari <td class='s4'>Merzedes<td class='s5'>214</tr><tr><td class=hd><p style='height:16px;'>.</td><td class='s3'>18th<td class='s4'>Rin <td class='s4'>Ridella<td class='s5'>191</tr><tr><td class=hd><p style='height:16px;'>.</td><td class='s3'>19th<td class='s4'>Chantal <td class='s4'>Asashi<td class='s5'>169</tr></table><tr><td><table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 class='tblGenFixed' id='tblMain_1'><tr class='rShim'><td class='rShim' style='width:0;'><td class='rShim' style='width:46px;'><td class='rShim' style='width:84px;'><td class='rShim' style='width:120px;'><td class='rShim' style='width:45px;'><tr><td class=hd><p style='height:16px;'>.</td><td class='s3'>20th<td class='s4'>Rima <td class='s4'>SweetMaddie11<td class='s5'>138</tr><tr><td class=hd><p style='height:16px;'>.</td><td class='s3'>21st<td class='s4'>Solitare <td class='s4'>Cartagia<td class='s5'>83</tr><tr><td class=hd><p style='height:16px;'>.</td><td class='s3'>22nd<td class='s4'>Inki<td class='s4'>ObviousZebra<td class='s5'>48</tr><tr><td class=hd><p style='height:16px;'>.</td><td class='s3'>23rd<td class='s4'>Sadie<td class='s4'>Vertefae<td class='s5'>41</tr></table></table></body></html>

Congratulations to Taquito - King and her doll Katsu Curry for winning Round 4 of Dalicious.
2nd place goes to Requiem and her doll Pajelle.
3rd place goes to Holyponiesbatman and her doll Molly.

I want to congratulate everyone who participated in Dalicious Round 4! All of you did a wonderful job. The winners of Dalicious Round 4 will have photos featured in Issue 7 of Ningyou Magazine. Which also means Katsu Curry will get to be on the cover of Issue 7.

I will be contacting the winners within the next few days about their prizes.

Dalicious Round 5 will be held next Spring. More information will be available in the Winter.
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Yay for everyone!! Congrats to the winners!!

Please, if you deal with me, leave feedback!
Congrats to all the participants and winners!! smile I loved seeing everyones entries. I wish I could have completed the round, but I had a personal/work conflict. Looking forward to the next dalicious! smile
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Congrats to the winner and everyone that participated! Loved seeing everyone's take on the challenges!
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I think everyone did a fantastic job--the quality of the photos and the creativity of the shots are unbelievable.

I am happy that I got to participate with all of you! And thanks to the judges & administrators for running the contest.

It may be a while before I participate again (Moe said that it was fun, but she doesn't want to do it anymore) unless I get another Dal, that was my only Dalicious. smile Still, I look forward to looking at the photos of future contestants! smile
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When I saw this I had the stupidest grin on my face.
I would like to say thank you to the judges and administrators for running the contest, I think they always come with some interesting themes. I would also like to say congratulations to everyone who entered I loved seeing everybody's entries each week.
Congratulations everyone!! It was a great round and the winners were right for me I think =)

I will definitely participate in the next one but probably with a different Dal next time, maybe a boy. (although I'm not sure Roux will be too impressed about that, lol!)
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Congrats to everyone who finished! That is an accomplishment in itself, and everyone posted enjoyable photos.
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Oh, wow! BIG congrats to Taquito-King! I loved all of your photos. They were so unique and creative. Great job!
And congrats to Requiem as well!
I'm really surprised I placed this round. I'm glad the judges liked my photos! Everyone did such an amazing job though - you all deserve a pat on the back!
Congrats to the winner and all the competitors!
It was really a pleasure to take part in the contest nd I will definatly participate the next time, too ^^.
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Grats to the winners! The photos were really fun to look through. And Tesla said she'd like to try her hand at the contest so I'll be in it next time as well XD
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Congrats for the winners!!! I'm so happy to be in the 9th place *___* Puchiko is so proud of herself at this moment Tongue I'll be in the next round, this is a awesome contest *__*
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I just wanted to say congrats to the winners, and thanks to all who participated! It was a really fun and challenging contest to judge! xD I think next time, I'll have enter it myself, haha :3

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Congrats to everyone who placed! smile
I had lots of fun and look forward to the next round!
Congrats all!~ smile
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