Alex got a mark on his face. ON NOES!!
[Image: pullip99999999.jpg]
^SEE!!!!!!! I don't even know how it happened!!! I haven't tried a magic eraser yet because we don't have any atm, but I'm hoping it will come off with that...
urgh... -dies-

Anyway I felt bad about it so I took him outside for a little while.

[Image: pullip99.jpg]

[Image: pullip9999.jpg]

[Image: pullip999.jpg]
^that kinda looks like he's a zombie, but he's not a zombie, he's just playin' in the hole my dog dug in my backyard. >>

[Image: pullip9999999.jpg]
^ I got him a new belt. Isn't it awesomeness?

[Image: pullip999999.jpg]
Man I love these boots...

[Image: pullip9.jpg]
Alex says bye and he hopes that the mark comes off his face...

THanks for viewing and comments are <3!

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I love his outfit! He is totally cute.
It's a shame about that mark though. :/ I hope it comes off, but either way, he is still an awesome doll. smile
[Image: g9ZK.png] [Image: g90Q.png] [Image: g90E.png]
ohhh no I hope it comes off, he looks very upset!
i dunno, i like it somehow ^^; it looks like a scar or a birthmark.
Anyways , its up to your boy , good luck in removing the mark yay
Alex is cute. The mark gives him a uniqueness; it adds to his character. smile I guess though, if it bothers you, then best of luck in removing it. And if it doesn't come's really not so bad at all.
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It looks like Magic Eraser will take it off just fine. He's a very handsome guy!
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Ahaha, I also think it looks like a scar/birthmark. It's kinda cute - Harry Potter-ish cute.
But Magic Eraser should take it off. :3
what a cute and handsome boy!! This outfit is so nice!! I think this mark makes him special and cute ;D
O noooo!! I hope it comes off! Poor lad. I do love his outfit, the belt is ace, where did you get it?

Um...Maybe I'm stupid...But I can't see it!
Well, also, my comp has a whole bunch of marks on it...soo...yeh.
He is definitely an adorable boy. And I'm going to echo everyone else by saying I think the mark suits him. But, if it bothers you, I think Magic Eraser will definitely get that off. He has such cute boots, too!
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Wow, I love the shot of his boots! The detail is stunning smile x
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high grit sandpaper will take that mark right off smile

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He is soooooo lovely. Absolutely gorgeous! I like his "Scar" =)

My Dal Frara has a mark on her face but I just edit it out on photos so maybe you could do that if it won't come off?

But I like it ^____^
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