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Full Version: DeadlyNova's A Doll A Day 2018
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Jett looks suitably mysterious in the rain. It appears he is leaning on the column of his gothic mansion - love this pic.

Charlie is a gorgeous doll. That was my favourite of the shoot also smile Can I ask what made you buy that doll as your one & only bjd? I certainly understand it because he is a great sculpt but I wondered if there was some other reason?
Thank you so much!

I've been waiting to reply to everyone when I post the next day's photos, but I wanted to answer your question and since you're the first one to reply I at least hope more people will reply before I have to post again anyway...haha.

To answer your question, it actually is because of his sculpt!

I have always loved looking at BJD photos, but the first time I had a BJD I bought him specifically because he was cheap and we never really bonded. He was cute but I wasn't that big of a fan of his sculpt. I ended up selling him and I assumed I'd probably never get another BJD again. But then I stumbled upon this doll:

I absolutely fell in LOVE with his face. So I searched for more and more pictures of Migidoll Jina. I had never loved a BJD so much before. I spent quite a while searching for one on the secondhand market, for a couple of reasons: Jina's default faceup is really bland and I'm not a fan of it, and I didn't want to give him a faceup myself. Jina could also only be bought from Migidoll as just a head or with a female body. I didn't want to have to find a body elsewhere myself, and I also didn't want to have to wait months to get the doll from the company because I'm very impatient. Eventually after months and months of searching I finally found him! I MIGHT get another BJD someday, but only if I ever find one I love like I did with Jina. smile
I have to say, I'm not a huge bjd fan, but I ADORE your Charlie. He's gorgeous!
I agree with Miss Edith, Jett looks mysterious. Or maybe like he's up to something. I always enjoy seeing Charlie, too.
Yeah, Jett is mega-mysterious there in his decaying mansion in the rain! Love that shot!
I thought of some sort of mansion with columns too.
This is one of my favourite pictures from your shoot with Charlie.
that photo at deviantart is definitely eyecatching <3 I looked at him on the Migidoll site, he is so bland I would not have recognised him. So pleased you found the perfect boy for you <3
I like your Charlie much more than the one on deviantart. He reminds me of an old crush smile I love how you pose him, he looks alive .
Thank you guys so so much! <3 <3 <3

Day 30:
[Image: 28218892249_75ec1c8450_z.jpg]ADAD 2018 - Day 30 by Haley, on Flickr
Another one of my LOL Surprise dolls, The Queen, in a bit of a glitter overload!!
Ooh! Mega-glitter!
that is a great photo smile I like the look of the glitter but it drives me batty when it gets on everything << the reason I haven't got any glitter LOLs. Your Queen is tempting though.
There's glitter on the glitter!!
A glittery Queen! She's so cute! Happy
Glitter PARTAY! She is fab!
I'm glad you guys like all the glitter in that little glitter girl! Amazingly, she doesn't shed as far as I can tell, so she's a safe alternative to probably every other glittery thing you can purchase.

Day 31:
[Image: 39303595834_c91f7234e0_z.jpg]ADAD 2018 - Day 31 by Haley, on Flickr

I repainted my Catwoman, ADULT Persephone,'s lips. (Persephone is one of the few characters who I have at multiple ages in my stories, so even though I created her as a Dal when first shelling her in a doll, I quickly realized I needed an adult version too. Catwoman was one of the few suitable dolls, but her lips were very unsuitable. I've been meaning to re-do them for months.)

Does anyone else have an awful time photographing Catwoman? I've never had a doll who was harder to photograph in my life. It seems like all lighting, natural or unatural, shade or sunlight, manages to completely wash her out.

Anyway, that's one month done! Yay!
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