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Full Version: DeadlyNova's A Doll A Day 2018
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She's a cutie pie! It's nice to see a Mulan that's not done up in full on Disney princess style.
Ooh, I love that Mulan!
Thank you guys, I'm glad you like her! I got her at a flea market, and she actually says "World's Greatest Granddaughter" on the bottom, but I tend to ignore that. ^^ They had almost all of the Princesses like that. <3 (Even though Mulan is not technically a Princess but I'LL RANT FOR HOURS ON THAT IF YOU LET ME SO LET'S NOT GO THERE.)

Day 40:
[Image: 39288039865_b162a84ff8_z.jpg]ADAD 2018 - Day 40 by Haley, on Flickr
So apparently I THOUGHT I posted this photo last night, then when I went to check to see if anyone replied to it I realized I hadn't. Oops. I'll post it now and post today's photo later today, after I actually take it. ^^

Here is my factory Blythe, Effie!
Effie is looking flirty and fabulous in a striped top that complements her eyes!
Effie is a beauty, love white haired girls & I also love her top <3
That's a sweet Mulan figurine, and Effie looks ready to hit the town smile
Effie looks like a sassy girl!
Thank you guys! I bought that top for my Pullips but they all have too long necks to really have it work so it is exclusively hers now I guess. xD

Day 41:
[Image: 25347544127_f1aa02b8ce_z.jpg]ADAD 2018 - Day 41 by Haley, on Flickr
Woody! This is an awful photo and I apologize. I am exhausted.

Day 42:
[Image: 39507224584_d5d6643fb5_z.jpg]ADAD 2018 - Day 42 by Haley, on Flickr
Living Dead Doll Sunday!
Sorry due to my hectic schedule ( in other words having events at all the games I play Tongue ) I missed a lot of photos. They are all lovely as usual and I am happy to see your Blythe in the mix. I recently saw living dead dolls in a store and realized how detailed they are. Your girl is no exception.
Ooh! Living Dead Dolls creeping in to the Doll A Day Project! They are such spooky fun! Well, okay, they kind of go beyond spooky to the point of full-on gruesome, but they're still fun!
Aw, Woody! grin
Hope you get some rest. Don't worry about awful photos... quickie snapshots are allowed if you are trying to keep up with one a day, aren't they? LOL
I have never looked at Living Dead dolls. Is she customized somewhat or is that the stock look?
Thank you guys!!

@Alliecat: She's completely original. smile She's actually a lot less gruesome than the majority of LDD's, if you believe that. They're quite the interesting dolls. I've been meaning to collect more of them for years, but right now Sunday is the only one here because they stopped selling them at Spencer's around the time I got into them. I actually recently bought one of my dream ones online and she'll be here soon. Maybe I can finally get into collecting them more like I've wanted to do for years now. I've been trying to branch out my other doll collections, after all.

For now,

Day 43:
[Image: 26367108348_312a6233fc_z.jpg]ADAD 2018 - Day 43 by Haley, on Flickr
Now for the most 90's doll you'll probably ever see, Troll Barbie! Truly a product of her time. She embodies everything I love about the 90's.

I actually got this doll NRFB for $8 at a flea market probably not 20 minutes after I passed an alright-but-not-great condition one up at a doll store for $15. Truly got lucky there.
I saw your Woody & LDD pics and I swear I commented *sigh

Woody is a cutey, Sunday is one of my favourites of the later series & troll Barbie cracks me up smile The colours are so pretty in the clothes but arghhh too many trolls Tongue

Speaking of arghh, you are quite right about Sunday being .. I would say a middle of the road LDD. There are the "pretty" ones, which aren't gorey at all & then there are the roadkill ones LOL {sorry}
Which one is on it's way home to you?

I had them all, every single doll & variant doll & exclusive, up until series 19 (5 per series + ever increasing variants & exclusives) Then I sold them to finance my Groove family. I don't regret doing it but there are several LDDs that I adored and paid RRP for (only about usd$25 back then) that are now not to be found for less than $1000s - so that's a shame. I have a nice family of around 40ish of my most loved, and I still buy new releases if they call my name Heart 2 They're up to series 35 now upside down
Thank you, Miss Edith! Your original and current LDD collections both seem amazing! I didn't get into them until around 2009, when I briefly became obsessed, but put my little money at the time towards Pullips instead, other than when I found Sunday in a store. The only ones I've seen in stores since then are Harley Quinn and Alex from A Clockwork Orange, which is cool but I prefer the more gruesome LDD's, with a few exceptions.

I have Hollywood on the way! She's been a favorite of mine since I first saw her a long time ago, I even did a painting of her back in 2009! I found her on eBay the other day for BIN $10 NRFB and of course I couldn't resist. xD I'm very excited!!

Day 44:
[Image: 39351987645_2161b473cf_z.jpg]ADAD 2018 - Day 44 by Haley, on Flickr
Nendoroid Madoka and her sh*tty 'cat', Kyubey, from Madoka Magica.

Storytime: This figure was a Christmas present from a close online friend, but after around two months we gave up and concluded she got lost in the mail, with the only help from Amazon being 'the arrival date has passed so it should be there.' yeah, really?

Eventually, about a week ago, over two and a half months after she was purchased and a full refund being issued, she arrived! She's super cute!
The pretty pink Nendoroid is certainly from the opposite end of the doll spectrum from the Living Dead Dolls! Your collection is full of dramatic contrasts!

The Troll Barbie is a delight! So colorful, with big eyes and even bigger hair!
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