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Full Version: DeadlyNova's A Doll A Day 2018
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Congratulations on completing the first month in your A Doll A Day Project!

Catwoman Pullip is awesome. I came very close to purchasing her several times.

I love the setting with the bricks. It looks like she's lurking in an alley in a noir crime thriller! And the extreme slanted angle is reminiscent of the old Batman TV show from the 1960s!
Catwoman looks so different with the fuller lips you gave her. Congrats on completing the first month, too!
Congrats on finishing the first month!!
Ooo, glitter. I like glitter... I don't like having it everywhere either. Glad she doesn't "shed" LOL
Your Catwoman looks completely different -- nice job. I'm surprised she's hard to photograph, because I would think with her little darker skin tone she would be great in bright light. My problem is with all the pale dolls washing out.
Persephone looks so different with her new lipstick grin Gorgeous job <3 Congrats on one month of dolly a day photos!
Thank you guys!! <3

Yeah, Alliecat, you would THINK she'd be easier to photograph with her darker skin, and most of the dolls with darker skintones I have, even ones with pretty much the exact same skintone(like Tiger Lily), are. That is why I'm so confused about why she washes out! All lighting also makes her look super pale, too. It's weird.


Day 32:
[Image: 39314111424_0f3a45148b_z.jpg]ADAD 2018 - Day 32 by Haley, on Flickr
See now is where keeping up with the numbers is going to be hard for me because I can't just look at the day of the month. LOL

Here is my Phase 1 Noodle from Gorillaz figure. She's part of my more expensive set, I paid 400 for this set and half of the figures were broken, if that tells you anything. xD Noodle had both of her arms broken off, but I've fixed her and she is much happier now. <3
(02-02-2018, 02:41 AM)DeadlyNova Wrote: [ -> ]See now is where keeping up with the numbers is going to be hard for me because I can't just look at the day of the month.

I'm just going to date my ADAD photos, rather than trying to number them. I have run in to the numbering difficulty in previous 365 Projects.

These Gorillaz figures are certainly unusual, as well as being very cool! I'm glad you were able to seamlessly repair this one!
Thank you!

I'm not even going to make a comment about being late again, lmao. Another double at work and being too tired to move when I get home. Whatever.

Day 33:
[Image: 40035942272_880a7946fb_z.jpg]ADAD 2018 - Day 33 by Haley, on Flickr
Day 33 is my Disney Store Animator's Collection Rapunzel doll! I found her at Goodwill! She's super cute, a great addition to the other couple of Animator's dolls I have. Her hair is so soft and fun, although it's got a lot of little strands that stick up from the brushing and conditioning I had to do to get it back in good shape.

Day 34:
[Image: 40068918391_2456bb9da4_z.jpg]ADAD 2018 - Day 34 by Haley, on Flickr
Day 34 is Western Winkin' Barbie from 1981. She's from the days when every Barbie had to have a gimmick, but her real winking eye doesn't age well over time. I think she's hilarious so I had to have her. I have yet to see one that aged well.
You can see how she was supposed to look here:
(Although people in the comments say their doll was never that pretty.)
your Gorillaz girl has that smug muso expression down pat grin I must read up on these, just to find out why they were so popular & the figures so rare. I assume, from the price.

Rapunzel is adorable <3 I have wanted an animator's doll forever, I love their faces. She is way too cute peeking from behind her VERY soft looking hair

Barbie .. umm .. she would fit in really well with my LDD collection grin No offence meant sweety, I adore my LDDs so it isn't an insult. Just that those eyes would look right at home amongst them Tongue
Thank you, Miss Edith!

Gorillaz are a virtual band, and were SUPER popular in the early 2000's and are still pretty popular to this day. I love the characters and lore, and the music is amazing as well. Great all around. xD A couple of sets of the figures were produced in 2005 and 2006, and they were the only figures of them EVER produced, and were all Limited Edition. So they are very rare today.

I'm not offended, I bought this Barbie because of how creepy she is. LOL. And I love LDD too, so maybe that's a compliment. xD
thankyou for that, now I have the basic idea about Gorillaz. Do you have both sets? I'm guessing yes grin

creepy is never an insult in my house LOL Glad you like LDDs too, they were my major collection for years then I sold almost all of them to start my Pullip collection but I have managed to get quite a few of my favourites again over the years wink
I'm glad you explained what was going on with that Barbie. I was feeling a bit... queasy! Whacked
Well, they're both giving the camera funny looks... LOL I'd never heard of this Barbie; I guess she came in between my "growing out of" dolls and rediscovering them.
Haha, I'm sure the prototypes are always prettier!
You've got such an interesting collection of dolls/toys - I've loving the variety of them.

The Rapunzel is cute - I've got Snow White & Belle, but I really want some more as they have lovely faces.

The Barbie is rather creepy-looking smile
The Barbie is terrifying. Rb_x
That Barbie is something else! I guess the winking eye melted.
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