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Full Version: DeadlyNova's A Doll A Day 2018
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I like the way her hair and eyes match the leopard print walls.
Aw, she's sweet. I love her hair too (I wish mine looked like that LOL ). Nice colour combination too.
She's a very cute Licca.
Thank you guys!! <3

Day 22:
[Image: 38952630335_89918f8e0d_z.jpg]ADAD 2018 - Day 22 by Haley, on Flickr
He's sleepy. <3

My Isul Glen, Adrien. I really love today's photo!!
Such a cozy little scene! The curve of his wrist under the hem of the blanket is a cute touch that brings the figure to life!

Now I'm in the mood for a nap!
<3 Adrien. Such a lovely cosy photo, he does make me want to nap too & most importantly be cool enough to snuggle under the blanket. It sure beats lying on one sheet with the window right next to you wide open & a fan on high aimed straight at you from 2 foot away straight
That's adorable! The posing with his hand is great too.
Thank you guys!! I'm glad everyone likes the posing of his hand, I was going to use a different hand but when I was getting it out I saw that one and changed my mind. LOL

Day 23:
[Image: 28090476119_6e44d44e3c_z.jpg]ADAD 2018 - Day 23 by Haley, on Flickr
My absolute favorite Barbie doll of all time, Malibu PJ! Normally, unlike my Pullips, I keep my Barbies in their original outfits. But today, while it has been warming up, it still isn't swimsuit weather, so I decided to let her wear something different.

This doll is actually the one that made me want to do ADAD this year. When I got her it made me want to start taking pictures of all of my other dolls and figures besides Pullip!

PJ is very special, in more ways than one. Malibu PJ was actually my mother's favorite Barbie doll as a child. She had Malibu Barbie as well, but she always preferred PJ over Barbie. (I personally really don't like Malibu Barbie's face, so I can understand. LOL) She played with them, as well as her other Barbie dolls, so much that the wires and goo came out of their legs and they had to be thrown away. The only dolls that survived her childhood were Malibu Ken, a somehow nearly mint condition Luke Skywalker doll, and Tuesday Taylor. I still have all of them. Ken was very happy to be reunited with PJ, although he's begging me to buy Malibu Barbie as well so they can be reunited. I will probably eventually give in.
Oh, those big blue eyes and that summery bronze tan! She's adorable! The cute country-girl dress suits her, too. She looks right at home out there on the farm. It's that country life that keeps her eyes bright and extends her tan through the winter season!
So cute all curled up under the blanket. Is he cuddling a pillow too?

That’s a beautiful dress the PJ is wearing.
PJ is lovely <3 Her pigtails and dress suit her sweet face. I am very happy that you have her in your family.
Neat! And very cool that she has a special meaning for you. Of course, you'll show us your mom's dolls too, right? grin
Adrien looks so adorable napping. Is that a body pillow? And your Malibu PJ is a cutie.
I'm glad you guys like PJ, she definitely holds a special place in my heart. <3 And of course my mom's dolls will all be featured here! the first time, I'm late. I don't mean 'oh it's past midnight' or 'I took the photo on time and posted it late', I mean I didn't take yesterday's photo until well into today. LOL.

I have horrible insomnia and night before last and the night before that I only slept about three hours, but yesterday I woke up after those few hours and suddenly wanted to spend the entire day going to various thrift stores. I spent about eight hours doing that, then got home and went to a friend's birthday dinner. I promptly fell asleep shortly after I got home. I thought about ADAD while in my bed, but I was so tired I physically could not find it in myself to get up to take a photo. So I took two today. Sometimes it happens, it's okay.

Day 24:
[Image: 39183782714_8d2212dbd5_z.jpg]ADAD 2018 - Day 24 by Haley, on Flickr
Here is my Pop figure of Chuckie from Rugrats! Chuckie was always my favorite, and Rugrats was my absolute favorite show as a child, and I still love it to this day. I really relate with Chuckie in that I am also super paranoid and scared of everything and nervous in every situation. LOL

Day 25:
[Image: 25022698067_aef9e2a18f_z.jpg]ADAD 2018 - Day 25 by Haley, on Flickr
Here is my Furga Vittoria doll!
She is a doll made by Italian company Furga in about 1969. She is in terrible shape. Her eyes are glazed and cloudy, her hair is frizzy, her body has a lot of age spots and stains, the tips of her fingers have had pieces come off, but I personally really love her this way. I have a soft spot for dolls that have clearly been well loved and are no longer in ideal condition. I love fixer-uppers. They are a passion of mine.

That being said, I probably would not have purchased her like this(maybe if I found her in real life for cheap). Several years ago a friend of my mom's found a shed with a bunch of old dolls and, while of course I accepted all of them with open arms, Vittoria always stood out to me. So she was the first I gave a nice bath and made an outfit for(she is a very weird size, so nothing I have for any of my dolls fits her). I think she's very pretty just the way she is.

She's got a soft stuffed vinyl body with wires in it, so while there are no joints you can pose her however you like. I'm sure her legs were also poseable, but mine no longer move and she is only able to stand upright, not bend her legs or even sit. At least she can be expressive with her hands!

Here is an old ad so you can see her in her heyday, with her friend Valentina. There are English ads as well, but I though this one showed the dolls best:
[Image: 1257b6c4df806f598c9a4da5d49d15f1.jpg]
The Furga doll is interesting! Smooth, flexible bodies decades before Phicen Seamless figures!

A long day hitting the thrift stores followed by a birthday party sounds like a day well spent!
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