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Full Version: ~dargosmydaddy's a-doll-a-week 2022~
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Here we are again...

Week one
Byul's ex.pression seems to best capture my feeling on "What?! I's January already?!"

[Image: 97928741_1f37caf534fd46174741618423c9822f_standard.jpg]

Venetia recently returned from an extended stay with myufish, whom I commissioned for two full customs (both of which still need wigs)... Venetia tagged along because she's had a rub on her face since I got her (very cheaply, because she was in terrible condition, with a broken arm as well as the messed up face). Venetia now has perfect blush and a few new freckles.
She’s so cute! And perfectly expresses that “can’t be January already!” Feeling.
I guess I kind of identify with her ex-pression too… Although in my case it’s a bit of a shell-shocked “Another year… how much worse can it get?”
Anyway, glad that you got her fixed up with a new faceup, and I’m happy to see you will be doing ADAW again smile
Congratulations on "perfect blush and a few new freckles." Let's hope Venetia sets an example of improvement that we can all achieve this coming year.

Venetia: cool name!
Yes, she's got that post NYE party expression.
I feel that too. xD She's super cute, though!
Week two
Here we go again! 
(Nowhere near the amount Alliecat got, but I'm still ready for spring...)

[Image: 97934358_b5db4fda09fa8c88a56b09f17f8b7408_large.jpg]
That’s a cute idea, to have dolls make snow angels.
I’m ready for spring too!!
That looks like a pretty fair amount of snow in 1/6 scale! And enough to completely cover the ground, which means it is more than enough!

Fun pic, so at least you're making the most of the snow!
Even in winter we don’t get snow here. You have to go about 2 hours drive away to see any usually.
Love the snow angel! Gotta make fun when you can with it.
Week three

[Image: 98190313_ad2e224d1b42e1eee35e11b4e757cb3e_large.jpg]

Introducing Sorcha! I've been in love with Ovie's customs since the days when she used to post here, but never ex.pected to own one. So I was shocked when one came up on nude/ bald on ebay for a very reasonable price over a year ago. I snapped it up... and then the poor girl languished in a box for over a year while I searched for the perfect wig and also a body (she came on a floppy-necked obitsu... I probably could have done something for the floppiness, but I'm not a big fan of obitsus in general).

After much waffling, I finally got her a wig over the summer (a Leekeworld wig from Denver Doll). The body took even longer... it used to be that you could find a decent Pullip body for $12-$15 fairly easily, but apparently those days are over. I finally got one for $20 after being on the lookout for over a year, and now Sorcha is complete!

In my very biased opinion, I think I have a lot of pretty dolls in my collection, but Sorcha may just be the most gorgeous. And even with the cost of the wig and body, I paid less for her than a new release is going for these days!
You’re right, Sorcha is exceptionally pretty! The wig suits her face and eyes perfectly.

Is that an Amelia corset she is wearing?

Years ago, I went through an Obitsu phase and rebodied most of my Pullips. I sold the original Pullip bodies on eBay. They usually sold fairly quickly. My enthusiasm for Obitsu bodies in Pullips eventually waned, and I ended up tracking down replacement original bodies for most, and selling the ones I could not restore.
Oooooo, she’s so pretty! The wig is a perfect match for her complexion and as always with your dolls, the outfit is nicely colour coordinated. Congrats on this special new addition. I can well imagine you were really excited to find her.
She's lovely. Very stylish. Do your dolls ever host fashion shows? I'm sure they could.
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