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Full Version: A few photos of my girls & now boys included!
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Hi All,

New to Pullips & this forum, but I have a couple of photos to share.

I have a Purrezza, who I have named Amelia, and she is my geeky-nerd girl smile

[Image: e1b857fe8301a071c90700db8fc6b58b.jpg]

Dressed up as a superhero - she needs a mask smile
[Image: d4c7433598e5915b170756a0db5ee534.jpg]

And I'm knitting a Dalek outfit for her at the moment - I just need to sew up the eyepiece and block it out.
Purezza's hair is a lovely colour! smile Thanks for sharing!
Hello pretty girl, she is very cute. She comes with a lot of things right?
She's cute. I like her little superhero dress. And ah, it looks so lovely and warm there... (from a Canadian November...)
BNP is such a pretty girl! I'm looking forward to seeing her Dalek costume.
Thank you everyone for the kind words.

It was a lovely sunny day with the superhero costume, but it was the only one for a while - it's been a dreary wet November here so far.

I finished off the costume tonight, couldn't resist a quick picture to show off smile
[Image: fb9470de24f004c83f70f404da4ec780.jpg]
That's adorable smile
Went away for the weekend, and Amelia loved the gardens.

[Image: ed4ff65e051503ee19f356666954907d.jpg]

[Image: 88b77d5c5a7d8883558b291266fa1b36.jpg]
She is loving her nature time! Beautiful pictures. I love the natural light. smile
I always love seeing outdoor dolly pictures. Her hair colour is stunning! And the Dalek outfit is too adorable for words xD
Nyaaa! Dalek costume is fantastic! *o* She looks great in it!
There aren't many photos of Purezza out there, I'm so glad you posted these. The Dalek outfit is fabulous! It works great with her hair.
Dolls and gardens are always fun smile Neat that the flower matches her hair. Great job on the dalek outfit; very cute & clever.
How cute! I really like her white dress, too.
She looks cute in her different outfits! Really nice work on her Dalek dress and hat.
Love the sunglasses she comes with too. Perfect for a sunny day. Happy

I have a girl named Amelia too. She's a Pullip Ddalgi.
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