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Full Version: A few photos of my girls & now boys included!
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Some random shots for the last few weeks.

Izzy & Zoey's Weeping Angel portraits. Outfits are both from Etsy.

[Image: cc02aaed1647c9fba1a8675fc2402fba.jpg]
Izzy's wings are from the Disney Fairy's line, specifically Rosabella the Pirate Fairy.

[Image: 2e24506de96fbc250fb4f1f46a9af7ef.jpg]
Zoey's wings are from EAH Cupid signature

[Image: 67f28c75c123e83f653f6092ff452478.jpg]
Ashli with a handful of "snow" from this morning.

Becky found a flower on the driveway yesterday - we have a couple of large camellia bushes that are currently flowering, so I'm hoping that the weather is good next weekend so i can use them as background
[Image: ecec83541e63c80e72470d34f8f8126d.jpg]

[Image: fcc3660a7c95dc0de2510d6f700f3b68.jpg]
Your little angels are beautiful!
What a cute crew!
The pic in front of the brick wall makes Becky look very cool and edgy!
Wow, that's a big flower. I liked your weeping angel idea. That would be a fun thing to do to guests who think your dolls are creepy. "Well, yes, they are watching you, but you'll be OK, just don't blink..." LOL
Cute photos.
The Weeping Angels are nifty!
I like the weeping angels pics too! Zoey’s outfit is especially cute.
The Weeping Angel dresses are nice, I can see them getting a lot of use - They're made of stretchy fabric, so they will fit on all the body-types I have with minimal fusses.

We have 3-4 camellia bushes/trees, and the flowers are gorgeous when they come out. I'm hoping the weather behaves itself this weekend as the big one will make a great backdrop for photos.
The camellia tree is out in full bloom at the moment, so I tried to take advantage of some nice background for the dolls.
I also got a couple of new outfits for them to try on.

[Image: 3f5c5a685953ffa241c216c11f2a2314.jpg]
Bea & Meredith in Barbie outfits

[Image: d9442cd6c69f6e42c0c810074629c6de.jpg]
Izzy embracing her inner rock-chick (also a Barbie outfit)

[Image: 0acd618a0aa077a5c56e622631260095.jpg]
Bea sharing my sushi lunch the other day (I find it amusing that it matched her pants)

[Image: ca236172a6c920e48542d012ff1dff51.jpg]
Twins Tansy & Jo-Meg out for a drive

[Image: fa1243332fc3c8cacc4902dca3c00576.jpg]

[Image: f911ce16b0fb89d1bc57b67e8abad06e.jpg]

[Image: 88fc7cbc3e44eaa946aec0587514027d.jpg]
Meredith, Izzy & Nyxie enjoying the sunshine

[Image: ec8c197787df7f5ee92389e011c72e07.jpg]
Admiring the flower - don't see anything like that underwater

[Image: e84e65b5ecbb3ae85f2b61c65497c0e6.jpg]
Izzy looks good in anything.

[Image: fc3c21d1c75bfdbb05579a7f9bad61bd.jpg]
Zoey looking pensive in her new outfit (I really need to fix her wig so I don't need to keep her in beanies LOL )
Izzy's "rock chick" outfit really... rocks! Especially in that first pic.

You're right, the flowering bushes make a great backdrop! Nice lighting and color in these photo! Sunny days are so good for dolly photography!
Awww, the camelia photos! HeartHeartHeart

I love how your girls always look like they're having so much fun!
We went away to the beach the other week, and Amelia & Nyxie came along this time.

Nyxie heard the call from the sea
[Image: eca3a26180fd4c5dcec3c6ce3af6c9e2.jpg]

But she didn't have her tail, so couldn't respond... Cry
[Image: 8edf28d670dfbf66b85dafd4ab8fdcdc.jpg]


Amelia likes the lighthouse
[Image: 14bde38a03c7b2ef08cf1bb34637efec.jpg]

The stairs were very steep for a small doll (also for a bigger human smile )
[Image: 796d5bc20bc14d96887dad1d63be10f4.jpg]

Made it!
[Image: 9773f1e6130ce2086e6ee2c257f888a8.jpg]

Selfie time!
[Image: c11525b449ce6d2ce04d394317dc2b63.jpg]
Nothing beats a sunny day at the seashore! And... there is a lighthouse! Such picturesque views, and Amelia's selfie is too cute!
Very pretty seaside scenery!
This is such a lovely batch! Makes me want to go to the sea myself!
I missed the camellia photos!
So many pretty blooms. Wow. It made me think of an old Japanese movie I saw a while ago -- apparently (If I recall...?) all the camellias in the background had hand-made flowers added to them and some had to be painted to make them show up better on film.
I like Izzy in her rock-star outfit!

The beach photos are great. I love the first shot of Nyxie. Ah yes, the call of the sea.... blush
You mean she won't magically grow her tail back if she just jumps in? LOL
Cool lighthouse too. Looks like a lovely outing.
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