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Full Version: A few photos of my girls & now boys included!
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I haven't posted anything here for a while - they've mostly been in the weekly thread or in Darla's one.

Nyxie and Daisy planting blueberries
[Image: 0f7ab89e9d9d3306d1b38a27fe9862bc.jpg]

Planting other flowers
[Image: a7f0d4b6d6dc6fe55b8b30fa053278a8.jpg]

Tansy with the flowers
[Image: 4ac7dc8ca5c2eaa1ca7e8e9c22b4d8c7.jpg]

Daisy & Timmy exchanging hearts (with my lovely rose before the d**m possum got to it)
[Image: 1114700039bc9dac8994d511b73c30a5.jpg]
It's cold and rainy here (perfect for Holiday :/), so seeing all these sunny photos with flowers and dollies is really heartwarming!
I just love Pullip-in-action photos, and these are really well done! Your Pullips are just the finest little garden helpers you could ask for!
So summery and lovely! I love Nyxie's yellow dress.
Oh, it looks so lovely and summery and warm! I mean, it was "only" -4 here today, but ain't nobody gonna plant any flowers for at least 5 months yet Cry My favourites are Nyxie (love the shades!) and Daisy planting blueberries. And there's even a teeny sunscreen bottle! LOL
They have the cutest outfits, I just love those big sunglasses
alliecat - gotta be sun-smart in Australia.  And I think the sunscreen bottle is very cute too

ducky - the glasses are from Brand New Purezza, and are great!

Becky & Bea came to the Boneo Maze this week - no photos in the maze as it doesn't really translate to doll-size, and the kid's maze had ACTUAL KIDS wanting to play in it!  The Nerve of Them All  LOL LOL

But I got a couple of other shots.

Waiting for the miniature train - it wasn't running at this point, so I couldn't get shots on the train. It was perfectly doll-sized.
[Image: 496104e7a7357b4f65c8b6a07c431e88.jpg]

In one of those weird photo-taking boards
[Image: d5c5b857cfa4f09aaca69b2ed5d8f0e3.jpg]

"Hey Becky!  You look silly!"
"No sillier than you do Bea!"
[Image: 8a50cc62a5b96ef1f6752a94ef4ac700.jpg]

And finally, we got a calendar from Alliecat, so the girls were ex-cited to see what the photos were going to look like.
[Image: bc21167ca941dd2e144601e85abab7e1.jpg]
Pics of your girls having fun are always so cute!
Oh, these pics are so much fun! It's like playing "local tourist!" These are the kinds of off-beat places I love to stop at when I'm traveling.

That "Mister Tiddalik and his Crazy Frog Friends" totally has a 1960s psychedelic era hippie look to it... funny, surreal, and slightly spooky!
I LOL'd at the dolls in the photo board. Looks like you had a great time.
PTFCo appreciates the shout-out wink
I LOVE your flower pics! Like everyone else is saying, it makes me miss summer (or at least spring; I prefer the milder temperatures to pure heat).
How cute they look hanging out of the photo board!
The photo=board was fun, even though they were totally the wrong size for it.

We went to the beach last week, as I received Nyxie's mermaid outfit a couple of weeks ago, and it was finally a chance to take her out in it.

[Image: 72fb08bdd3d04b1ed054ed99b0323739.jpg]

[Image: bd922753c4cff23876d3be537dc74b68.jpg]

[Image: f8ec32d6176772bc4c3266c626acb7a5.jpg]

trying to re-create the pose from the posters of Little Mermaid
[Image: 41993069870fcdad8152479151736619.jpg]

The wind was a bit strong, and she took a tumble into the sea - we fished her out quickly, so no damage was done.
However, she was very cold...
[Image: 55dbd659b653d2230442c0bf3856a02b.jpg]

And Elfy thinks that Izzy looks fabulous in everything, so she borrowed Nyxie's mermaid outfit to try on (plus I reallised I didn't have a pic that showed the whole look on Nyxie0
[Image: 01a00e155987b62c9e14596a17e70f5c.jpg]
It's a beautiful outfit and both girls look stellar in it!
Oh, what a cool outfit. Lovely colours, and I love Nyxie's blue blue hair. I laughed at her all wrapped up in the car. Poor girl! And the outfit looks great on Izzy too, a whole different colour scheme.
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