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Full Version: A few photos of my girls & now boys included!
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She is gorgeous ! Happy birthday
A belated Happy Birthday! What a nice gift, too.
Your new girl is adorable, Happy Late Birthday!!
Love the group shot of your crew!
Congratulations on Toni and a belated Happy Birthday! Happy
Thanks all! Toni is super-adorable, it was such a surprise to get her.

I'll need to take some more with her and Lottie.
A few out-takes from this week's Photo round.

[Image: 3339c6b94518ad02ea40c177801339ea.jpg]

[Image: 47d1499a4b3e8b5655db5012b618ff19.jpg]
I think Meredith has a bit of a Hat Problem...

"Evie, why are you wearing my hat?"
[Image: 1cbc1d5d70b169f605615f453218c87f.jpg]

"It's mine!!"
[Image: bc7bed575cb89e24ee91aa2b5f16740f.jpg]

"See, it looks much better on me than you."
[Image: 10b9b6a5261629c98f27c78661424d59.jpg]
Cute vignette! Although I hope they will decide to share.
Meredith will share, with the understanding that the Hats Ultimately All Belong to Her, even if they were originally someone else's.

A few out-takes from various shoots I've done recently.

Toni hanging out in the tree
[Image: d7a82de35f4528ad94f2a3ee1bf797c9.jpg]

Tansy hunting eggs
[Image: 12338eb43c8eb683882af6121b954e7a.jpg]

Evie with an armful of eggs after the hunt
[Image: 9545ae2085003051263dbe5f3d619941.jpg]

Ashli searching for her boat
[Image: 068296bc6558e143d8e7b17536804b50.jpg]

Amelia enjoying the soothing sound of the waves
[Image: 1e80569a5d353164e8ad856c36895b98.jpg]
Already commented on these on MHA, but again, awesome photos!
"Tansy hunting eggs" is especially pretty! And of course the sitting-on-the-beach photo is a winner! These photos are so colorful!
They're all so cheerful and sunny and warm. I hope Evie's eggs didn't melt on her in the sun LOL
I like the last one best. And what a cute hat.
I envy their beach and sunny weather!
Tansy is adorable with her bucket of chocolate eggs!
Love the beach photo. Happy
Thanks for the nice words all, the beach shoot was fun, we are going to try & go again in a few weeks for a "winter shoot", so the lighting will be quite different.

Two shots that didn't make it into the weekly-shoot.

Tansy enjoying the winter flowers
[Image: d4f3fe9f0d8ee5c4a9559565a3d33dc4.jpg]

Maeve. My friend knitted the shawl for Zoey, but she's not wearing suitable clothes to show it off LOL
[Image: fa6fd936efd29211a3dea78396318a56.jpg]
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