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Full Version: A few photos of my girls & now boys included!
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Oh, you got Scarlet! I like her; I saw her on the sample sale, but with shipping costs I wasn't buying anything. I'm glad a DollyMarketer got her. Cute photos and congrats on your new additions smile
I'm glad to see Scarlet too! You don't really see her around and she is such a pretty girl. Congrats on your arrivals.
Scarlet is very lovely, unfortunately she's got a slightly damaged knee, so she can't wear her stockings at the moment.

I had fun changing her outfit, it amazes me me how different the girls look in different outfits.

[Image: 20cd6ee10cacfdefde1a38c34c20e10b.jpg]

And Jo-Meg got a new dollie & a rocking chair from the craft market last week smile
[Image: f065f0a59fa4fbc3999622aa5a9762d0.jpg]

And a couple of my room props for fun.
[Image: 849a3d5e784aaf47f5c2fb02e93b566e.jpg]
[Image: 66c0e1eb11c88e971eb3167a97fb6ab7.jpg]
My beautiful Antimony (Pullip Laura)

[Image: c1c17bba50b6d9c3da2991512146aa5f.jpg]
And practicing on the high-wire
Oh I just realized I didn't see your previous post. I don't see any owner photos of scarlet so I really appreciate yours smile she is very pretty so are all of your other girls. Love the lace umbrella ! Good luck to Laura for her time on the wire
Love your little props smile Jo-Meg looks so cute in that chair. Will you be able to fix Scarlet's knee?
I should be able to fix her knee - what's happpened is that it's bent too far forward at some point, and the plastic at the top of her lower leg is sticking out. I figure a file to remove the jagged edges will do it. Just need to work up the courage to take a file to her smile

A bit of clothes-swapping fun recently, taking advantege of the still-nice weather & visiting a park near my parents place.

Kit channelling her inner Bad Girl.
[Image: 5a29d9a1343c3bfe279678fc8c548215.jpg]

Evie in Disney Descendants outfit
[Image: 9603cfd65c8811079af5320add7cf12d.jpg]

Timmy in the front yard - I like the orange & pink contrast to her dark outfit & hair
[Image: c07e2d15362f744b7a80e9da337c7243.jpg]

Jo-Meg got a new puppy
[Image: 7955bcd0cb95da98940cb0f8b97cd780.jpg]

Izzy in Disney Descendants outfit
[Image: ce42a18221149c382713473cf40d3a4e.jpg]
Your girls are all really cute! I love how you dress them and the props you use. Love the crocheted umbrella and the rocking chair. Happy
Oooo, Izzy is pretty smile She's my fave of your girls, I think. I had to look twice at "still-nice weather", haha. I know, winter coming for you. We have "still crappy" weather. Summer coming?, who knows slash
Maybe sandpaper for the knee would be a little gentler way to do it, and less likely to chip or crack the plastic, although it would take longer, with something fine-grit. But you could go a little slower that way, with less worry about damaging it.

...and omigosh, that little balloon!!!! grin
Ooh, I didn't think of fine-grit sandpaper! Time to raid Dad's shed...

The balloon is originally a tea-light candle holder, but is much better used as a dolly-photo-prop LOL
Collecting props is fun - I never know where I might see something that I can repurpose as something for my girls. The prop I really want is a properly-scaled Vespa/scooter for Kit. I saw one that would have been perfect once, but stupidly didn't buy it at the time.

I took a few photos for the PUDDLE contest, but decided that they weren't "good enough" to enter (I'm terribly critical of my own work, and I couldn't translate the concept out of my head and onto the shot as I wanted)
But I had a lot of fun trying stuff out for it.

[Image: d18de766404e9d3fa48e0e9344785078.jpg]
The table-cloths were made by my husbands grandma, she did lovely needle-work.

[Image: 78f31dba9128088e365c8214f99b33ae.jpg]
(I have no idea why this one keeps posting sideways sly)

[Image: f8ac8eba458ac49ce40416d0dd7278b5.jpg]
Those shots are adorable! What a fun little photoshoot. yay
Aw, they're so cute -- looks like they're having a wonderful tea party. You shouldn't be shy to enter -- well, you can enter the contests here smile The little tablecloths are lovely. My grandmother did that kind of thing too, although not in dolly size!
There are dolly scooters on eBay. Google Barbie or Blythe Vespa or scooter... I've looked at them too but not purchased, yet.... ... wink
I broke down & ordered a blue Vespa for Kit, so am anxiously awaiting it's arrival now.

Some new outfits for some of the girls, still nice enough weather to take outside photos (as long as I wear long-sleeves Happy )
(and thanks to whoever - maybe Alliecat? - who suggested skewers/knitting needles to stand the doll up outside on the ground. I'm having much more fun posing them now)

Newest girl - Shala
[Image: 0b610b35f21958003fcea78ce0cf67db.jpg]

Jo-Meg is being a princess
[Image: 2d9cb53e8337f056ad2c30fff8ee4b36.jpg]
[Image: 744511fa6c93fcf7098e2f9b4513b3b7.jpg]

Amelia with a new outfit
[Image: 74026fcdaeafa320387656b450a4418f.jpg]
Have been taking photos, but not posting them here - a few more for today.

Sample sale delivery
[Image: 0507e240413d81490d55ff27f8aaec1f.jpg]

Jo-Meg out hunting with the pups
[Image: 0f49c4bcf5eb12fea997ca4745f07423.jpg]

Shala & Becky in new outfits
[Image: 350d2ad62dfe1b76a7c450d80a7e25a1.jpg]

Amelia in the rosemary bush (which has been nick-named Audrey & we are waiting for it to knock on the back-door and ask to come in. Happy )
[Image: faa62c95d8fa2f0545f7446609fc0edf.jpg]
Love the new photos! Your sample sale girls are lovely! And Amelia looks great in the Poison Ivy stock; I'd never thought to try my DCSHG clothes on my Pullips!
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