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Full Version: A few photos of my girls & now boys included!
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I’ve never seen that movie…
Your two new girls look sweet!
Congrats on the new cutie.

Belle wears the dress far better. The live action representation is ... sadly underwhelming. Which is what happens when you let a non designer design the centrepiece dress of the film. (I am not so fond of the film, tbh. I like the live action Cinderella, and Maleficent, but BatB just fell flat for me.)
Funnily enough I feel the same way about the live action dress... it's very Meh. And, as much as I like Emma Watson... she doesn't feel like Belle to me. Belle was a french beauty, Emma Watson is more an English rose... I did still enjoy the live action film, but she doesn't feel quite right as Belle to me.

Your Belle is beautiful though, in her lovely poofy dress <3
Your new girls are so cute. I thought Momori was such a cute girl; at one point, I thought about buying her. Jeanne is also very cute. I wasn't really attracted to her to release photos, but seeing a picture of her taken by someone else really shows off her beauty!
I've been sadly neglecting my general photo thread, but I have a few photos to show off now.

First up - new dolls in th family.

Miranda - Pullip Keres (Christmas present)
[Image: 1b02a0d93998f0f19edc6311aedc183d.jpg]

Against the lavender plant
[Image: dac44539909998882233855c45694622.jpg]

Birthday present - Taeyang Twilight Destiny
[Image: 444281184ef48837c35335a2f82d77d9.jpg]

And Yari challenged him to a spear-fight  LOL
[Image: a80911fe0d9e52d876416c27258ff4da.jpg]
That is a very Yari thing to do.
Yay! Yari has someone with whom to spear fight! She didn’t have to wait long.

As I recall, some of your crew were in to jousting on motor scooters. That seems like a pastime Yari and Sir Twilight Destiny might enjoy!

Keres looks so adorable in that frilly hood she wears! Heart 2
Miranda has pretty eyes.
Oh, I forgot about the jousting! I think he is a perfect addition to your gang. It will be fun to see what happens next.
(Don’t keep us in suspense! Who won the spear fight??)
Yari is a fierce little girl to take up an opponent twice her size - I don't think I've realised until now just how big a height&size difference there is between a Taeyang and a Dal. The prince looks like a giant Oh My
I totally think Yari could take him. She looks like she has agility on her side.
testing from LJ

[Image: 124216_original.jpg]
LiveJournal? You’re on LiveJournal?
Just posted for the first time in 5 years LOL so very old school, I know,

And it looks like I. Need to unlock the photo post so people can see it.
Still not seeing the images, but I know one of the other members of the forum uses LJ to host her pics.

LJ was one of my first online haunts. I usually check in there once or twice a year.
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