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Full Version: A few photos of my girls & now boys included!
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(04-12-2018, 12:32 AM)neon_jellyfish Wrote: [ -> ]Already commented on these on MHA, but again, awesome photos!

What's MHA if I can be so nosy?
(06-27-2018, 05:00 AM)rubyperidot Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-12-2018, 12:32 AM)neon_jellyfish Wrote: [ -> ]Already commented on these on MHA, but again, awesome photos!

What's MHA if I can be so nosy?

Monster High Arena - forums focused on Monster High and Ever After High.
(06-27-2018, 07:16 AM)neon_jellyfish Wrote: [ -> ]Monster High Arena - forums focused on Monster High and Ever After High.

I did not know about that forum! I've never heard of it. And it seems to be active, too! More active than this place, even!
It’s not nearly as active as it was, but there’s still plenty going on.

If people want to see what neon & I are talking about when over the doll a day challenge from last year, look for the 2017 doll a day thread in the Darkroom. That’s where all my pics are - it’s a lot more varied than my weekly ones this year are smile

It’s h, and I’m Scarlett on MHA, I never got round to changing it to this name
Sorry, it's probably been extra quiet because of PUDDLE this past weekend.
Winter flowers, what a lovely thought smile
I love those little mushroom birds. Never thought of using one for a doll crown. And your friend made such a cute shawl.
A couple of pics from this week's movie. The first one is horribly overexposed, as it was dark enough in the theatre to set the flash off, which washes her out completely.

Evie at the movies - she got the popcorn she missed out on last week smile

[Image: 7a63ba391b1b8d7457a71d75100b7861.jpg]

She ate the WHOLE tub LOLLOL
[Image: 82247b3e214f86e8901100927c42f06f.jpg]

Having a bit of fun with the B&W filter on my phone.
[Image: 011c433a408d76034300e980ee23779f.jpg]

And Jo-Meg had her turn in the car this week
[Image: 7f37826c07568c935458526a97abf1d5.jpg]
(please ignore the yellow string - I'm working on "seatbelts" to keep them upright as they race around the court).
That BW pic of Kit is stunning! And Jo-Meg looks great in Shibajuku Girls outfit!
I love the B&W photo! She looks so sophisticated. It looks like a scene from an artsy 1960s European movie!
That's a wild bunch you have there. "We don't need no stinkin' seat belts...." LOL
I bet setting off the flash in the theatre was funny. I'd expect at least one person nearby to make annoyed noises LOL Agree about the B&W shot; looks like a photo from an old magazine.
I did do the flash-pic in the ads / previews so before the lights went totally down, so it wouldn't have bothered people like if I did it during the actual film.

I do think that Kit looks amazing in B&W, there's just somethin about her particular look to goes well in it.

A few rejected shots from Round 52 comp, and some others I've taken recently.

[Image: 5965191aa2d29022f16e179e13225c0a.jpg]
Group shot of the "floor" dolls - these one are hanging out in front of the TV cabinet.

[Image: ddfc5661e77fd895f27e71286fc5aa7f.jpg]
Becky wearing a new dress - and showing off her stompy boots

[Image: d71272e9260f7c443e93ff12fdb09f22.jpg]

[Image: 4de8883734b0e115bfd3046c16b14915.jpg]
Becky & Bea at the cafe last week
[Image: db2c2ddadfe3d87e6116ef821d7a4c2e.jpg]

[Image: cc7050442f0b01f6d8fcf3aae666d9a2.jpg]

Helps if I actually add the Round 52 shots Sweatdrop

[Image: 5cbf7db14703fed5c36db4f376cfb0e2.jpg]

[Image: 72c976050d864df9a07fdfc0e5dd34d1.jpg]

[Image: 44357267d63a8f0103a77905c276d6f7.jpg]

[Image: f298286c8b950035e8c281c83249d554.jpg]

[Image: f6d9b4932a7bd88abaa93c42af482e43.jpg]
I love your group pics. And Becky's new romantic dress combined with those boots!
Bea... I think it's Bea... she's an Amelia, right?.. her outfit is so fun!

I looove all the knitting and cross-stitch photos! You've included such fun little details: balls of yarn, teacups and snacks, that amazing little sewing tray with spools of thread... and of course, a sleeping kitty!

(Darning eggs? Are those actually miniature darning eggs in the sweater photo?)
What a fun setup with all the little props. There's that pretty green dress again. And the sweater is cute too. I don't knit at all, so knitting on that scale seems like a real challenge.
Cute photos. I like the last one best; they look so natural and relaxed smile
Yes, Bea is an Amelia, and she's wearing Naoko's outfit (or most of it anyway). I really need to buy some more sneakers / boots for them to wear when they're out-and-about (I hate fiddling with the slip-on pumps, I'm always concerned they're going to fall off and get lost).

With the crafting photos, I'm fortunate that I have a local-ish doll-house supplies shop, and they have lots of bibs-and-bobs to decorate doll-houses with. The furniture scale is too small for the Pullips, but the accessories work for them usually.

Hmm, the props:
The bluebird cross stitch I did myself from a kit, and the easel it's on is from the EAH Ginger Breadhouse bakery playset. The scissors and tray of threads is from the doll-house shop.
The cat in the bed is from the Lottie line of dolls (I also have the dog from the same line)
The 2 baskets with knitting / wool are from a local craft market, the same lady who did the upright chair Becky is sitting on.
The bigger balls of wool, plus what Becky & Maeve are winding are leftovers from projects I've done. The smaller balls with the knitting needles in them are from the Pullip Greggia release.
The single needle with the brown spotty top does have a pair, but I had misplaced it when doing the pics.
The cakes are actually novelty erasers, and the mugs & plates are part of a set that also have a jug & sugar bowl, but I ran out of room on the table for them LOL

And the whole photo series was inspired by afternoons with my human-people-friends, except ours have many more knitting projects littered around the room smile smile
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