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Full Version: Lejays17 2021 Doll A Week
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Does he want to be in the story...?
Nice to have a week off to just relax.
Is Tristan pointing out the historical inaccuracies? Or boring you with anecdotes about what the characters were really like when he knew them?
I never thought of that, Tristan may have actually been acquainted with some of the characters, although I do think he's a fairytale prince.
Thanks all!

Tristan is name-dropping a bit, as well as critiquing the battle plans :Lol:

He's finding this fair more accurate than the Orlando Bloom movie, but concedes that OB is better looking than the historical Balian
Tristan looks like he's taking his job as critiquer very seriously.
Inspired by an instagram post by someone I follow, here's Rainbow High Skyler cheering on the plants/flowers in the garden (we are almost in the depths of winter here, but it's very green at the moment - we had a LOT of rain late last week).

With the ranunculus bulbs - I planted them about a month ago, and they are growing nicely.  I'm rather excited to see what the flowers will look like.
[Image: b6982b0bf66c5d7d246e3e2baa2dcd3f.jpg]

The Bird of Paradise - this is the only flower at the moment, but there are some more coming.
[Image: 358d03bb3c0fc59ddec2e3f845f043a4.jpg]

One of the roses - this is a creeper from next door, so I enjoy the flowers when I get them
[Image: 1e30a75cb63a71ff04d3d77e927eefb9.jpg]

And I told Skyler that Audrey the Rosemary bush doesn't need encouragement to grow... (you can just see the tip of the highest part at the top of the photo)
[Image: 36ca95d3216085c161276f98be43c8ff.jpg]
What a cute idea, a cheerleader for your flowers!

That's right, with the summer solstice fast approaching here in the north, you must be reaching mid-winter... yet the bird of paradise flowers are in full bloom! It looks like Audrey is flowering a bit as well! Skyler the Cheerleader is obviously very inspirational to Team Floral!
That’s such a cute idea! What an amazing rosemary bush!! And having a bird of paradise in the garden would be absolutely wonderful.
Aw! I wonder what a flower cheer consists of... maybe a "Grow Team!" instead of a "Go Team!" smile
Thanks all - it was fun cheerleading all the plants in the garden.  I had more photos with different plants, but these were the best ones.

The Bird of Paradise is one of my favourite plants in the garden, its such a strange & interesting flower.

I've been quite delighted with the Rainbow High dolls, and got another 2 in the Toy sale this year.

I got Purple & Teal this time.  We don't like either of the names tje dolls came with, so they've been renamed.

This is Hyacinth, Cyn for short (orginally called Krystal)

[Image: 0337ca901a2b06a86d4bea53c1823b2b.jpg]

And Franklin (the first boy doll in the line), he was originally River (which we both think of as a female name due to River Song from Dr Who and River Tan from Firefly).
[Image: f52b1566856d8c59fc8d8f3996729e5e.jpg]

And because I know Alliecat will ask - they've been deboxed  LOL LOL
[Image: 5714ed2805bd9d9631a1830d9a42ef80.jpg]
Cute! Can't wait to see them with the rest of the Rainbow gang.
LOL. I assumed you would…!
I hope Hyacinth’s last name isn’t Bouquet xp
They are both really cute. I like the look of the bodies; nice joints and they look sturdy.
Does Franklin have actual changeable feet or are the shoes and socks just packaged to stand up like that? They are such a colourful bunch of dolls. I might be tempted if I wanted to get into another line.
I much prefer the re-named names!

Ha! Alliecat with a Keeping Up Appearances reference!
Our dolls don’t usually have surnames, so no chance of Cyn being a Bouquet.
Following on from Elfy's post, here's some other photos from the weekend.

One of the towns near Shepparton is Echuca, which in on the Murray River.  And one of the things to do on the river is do a paddleboat ride.

Sophie was delighted that she could have a ride on the PS Adelaide. Paddle Steamer Adelaide - wiki link  She is over 150 years old

[Image: 2e4fc5c415d75d6983f39f59066c4063.jpg]

[Image: f2bef3f914bfb6866111768c8327c63f.jpg]

She took some photos of some of the other steamers operating on the river.

The EmmyLou is new - only about 40 years old. EmmyLou
[Image: 0bf6049e263387aac69a2b1dec90ef38.jpg]

And the Pevensey - who is best-known for being the Philadelpia in the mini-series "All The Rivers Run" Mini-Series
[Image: 3996443896f3eb793781d5d0b5fbfda0.jpg]
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