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It is a really cute hoodie. How nice of your swap partner to include the extra.

Yeah, "near" as in notonthefarsideofthecountry. Given that the nearest cities of any size are an hour's drive AFTER the 90-minute ferry, I probably have a similar concept of "near". It's fun to have the extra incentive of dolly photography to go to new places.
Thanks all - I was delighted when I opened my package to find the little extra for my dolls, it's such a nice extra surprise.

Alliecat - I figured that you would understand the relative near-to-things as well.  When I chat to people in Europe or England/UK, their idea of Too-Far-Away is something like less than 50kms.  Which is about how far we travel to get the to photo-beach  LOL

Speaking of travelling to things, Elfy & I went to a market on the Mornington Peninsula on Saturday (where the photo-beach is, but on the other side of the peninsula).  I bought some yarn, and a bag for lunch, he bought liquorice & a couple of candles.  And then we saw a stall that had some succulents for a couple of dollars each.  A friend of mine has been growing some from cuttings & having a great time, so I was inspired to get a couple.
I have NO idea what types they are - there was a couple of boxes of mixed-types but no names - my friend thinks one is known as a jelly-bean plant, but hadn't seen the other.

Anyway, Daisy was thrilled she got to do more planting this week  LOL

[Image: d41b6ebce9169617fddec486d9f0cd54.jpg]
(the green pot was from a candle, and the llama cup was from a swap I did - it's awkward to drink from because of the head)

All repotted!  A little bit of water to settle the soil in the new pots.
[Image: 21f945e7960473be204f9db5ae05e7ea.jpg]
They look great in their new homes, and Daisy is taking her gardening very seriously.
Daisy's little watering can looks like it would be perfect for moistening newly repotted plants or tiny seedlings that require a gentle touch.
The doll-sized gardening implements are adorable! Daisy looks pleased with the succulent additions.
There are lots of interesting succulents. And once they get going you can make lots of offshoots. They are just the right size for her, and the little gardening tools are adorable!
The gardening set is from the Our Generation line - I've found a lot of the accessories work well (if a bit over-sized) for the Pullips and they have interesting things to choose from.  The watering-can is functional, if I wanted to actually use it for watering the baby-plants  LOL

Today is ANZAC Day in Australia / New Zealand.

Miranda is observing the day with a sprig of rosemary.
[Image: 2b39d8d869dbf085aee2332f7e0d9261.jpg]


I was out yesterday doing some errands, and saw a new line (to me) of dolls.  They are Cave Club, by Mattel, and are basically cheerful looking cave-people & pets.  I didn't see the boy-doll, but got pics of the other 4.  When I looked at the website, there's also a "playset" which is another doll & a T-rex the doll can ride on.  I may go back next week & get one (or two...)
[Image: d3a5f04548616dd7b87ce4fa33655c9d.jpg]    [Image: 5724079931d369b16a15e789074408c4.jpg]
Ah, I wish I still had some rosemary growing. I like the blue streaks in her hair.
I’ve seen those dolls around on Facebook. Don’t know anything about them though.
The Cave Club kind of remind me of the movie The Croods. Miranda looked very haunting today.
Miranda is a good choice for acknowledging ANZAC Day.
Beautiful photo, and very atmospheric.
Thank you all - Miranda doesn't wear the cape very often, so it took a bit of fiddling around to get it to sit how I envisioned.

I went out today to a small wool/craft show, and then to a friend's place for an afternoon of knitting & gossip.  It was a fantastic day.

Amelia is showing off the yarn i bought.  I also bought elfy some soap & a little resin tray for bits & bobs.

[Image: faa15cc6a9698e26ab274d18059842ac.jpg]
The big skeins is going to be a top, the smaller mini-skeins will be a Mystery Gnome, and I'm not sure about the self-striping yet.
Amelia looks very pleased with the haul.
Sounds like a fun outing. Looking forward to seeing what you make. Amelia looks ready to get started.
Looks like she's going to play soccer (football?) with the yarn ball.

All your color choices are lovely! Can't wait to see another gnome smile
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