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Sophie's hair, combined with that fur collar, makes an adorably cute combination!

The LJ post worked. The image is enormous, but it shows up!

I've never tried posting an image from LJ. I don't know that I've ever uploaded an image to LJ.

Let me see if I can figure it out:

[Image: 1763_300.jpg]

Ta daaaa!

Okay, so... after you upload the image to LJ, when you go to paste it in to your LJ post, there's a box at the lower left of the image selection screen to select the image size. 600 is a good size to use on the Dolly Market Forum. 800 will work, too. Anything larger than 800 is kinda not so great when it comes to displaying properly.
I didn’t even know we had snowdrops on the path in the back, so Sophie has made a find!
Say… look at the large oval stone to screen right, or Sophie’s left. It appears to have a single line circling it, making it… a Wishing Rock!
Sophie is always adorable!
She is cute, and how nice to see that sign of spring. There does indeed appear to be a rock with a ring around it there.
Thanks for pointing out the wishing rock davidd, I didn't notice when I took the photo!

Here's Rainbow High Poppy Rowan with some poppies in the front yard of a house I pass on one of our walks.  I've been waiting a couple og weeks for the flowers to come out in a spot I could take a photo of easily.

[Image: 125130_original.jpg]
Those poppies certainly match her shade of orange and show why her name is Poppy.
Wow! With a color splash like that, you’ll see this girl coming a block away!

The RH line must be catching on. I noticed several shelves devoted to them in the toy department at a Walmart store yesterday.
Oh wow, a lovely color (and name) match!
Orange poppies … Neat.
She is really cute. I love the butterflies in her hair. Given that they are monarchs, I feel like I ought to have one of her! LOL
They do seem to be catching on - I think they're up to Wave 3 from what I can see online.  I've seen Wave 2 here, and we are around 6 months behind US releases usually.

Elfy went for a walk yesterday & sent me a glorious photo he took of someone's yard.  So we went out today to find it for photos.  However, the weather turned & the flowers were only partially out.

Meredith's hair matched them nicely.  Happy

[Image: 125549_original.jpg]
Meredith’s hair does match the daisies nicely. We’ll have to go there another day when the flowers are awake.
Now I am picturing the two of you skulking through the neighborhood like burglars, carrying a big black cloth sack. When you find a likely photo location, one of you serves as lookout, and when the coast is clear the other quickly pulls a Dolly out of the bag, hurriedly sets up a pose and snaps a photo, and then shoves everything back in the bag before there are any witnesses and you both scamper off down the nearest alley!
A perfect color match! What a find!

I am laughing ay davidd's scenario. I admit I sometimes think "that would make a nice photo background" when I walk, but I've yet to be brave enough to take pictures outside of my own yard.
That is a great match, and she looks very fashionable with her hat. I’m also laughing at the sneaky photo scenario. I have taken pictures in some public places but not randomly in other people’s yards. Did they notice you?
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