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Full Version: Lejays17 2021 Doll A Week
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Aw! The knit hearts are adorable.
I wonder if Miranda’s minions had anything to do with the knitting of the hearts.
Oh my goodness! "I like you a lot" at first sight? They've only just met, and M and T are exchanging Valentines?

Maybe they both like chocolate! Are those heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolate?
This was bound to happen.
Oh, so they've officially gotten there! It really was love at first sight then! They are adorable, standing there with those tiny knitted hearts - thouth I'm not sure if this is a "before" or an "after"-shot. Tristan seems to have his left hand held up, as if he was either waiting for Miranda to give her heart to him (but then why does Miranda seem to hold it tight? Is she hesitant? Unsure?), or his held-up hand is exactly where Miranda just took the heart from, and that's why she's holding it so dearly? The more I look back at the picture, the more I think it's the latter Heart 2
The knitted hearts were from tiny bits of leftovers from a blanket I just finished - they were quick & fun to do, and perfect size for the Pullips.

Yes, I do believe that Miranda & Tristan are moving along a bit too fast - hopefully things will slow down now.

Had a rubbish-y blah-type week last week (work woes, no sport last weekend, something I was involved with caused un-needed stress), so it was a great end to the week when I arrived home to a box on the doorstep (well, it was actually on the couch as Elfy brought it inside  LOL )

I was very excited to open it to find Eclata!  She's the next one of the Elemental Sisters (Shala, Nyxie, Ester & Honey are the others).  She is Aether/Spirit.  We couldn't find a name we liked that fitted that meaning & that wasn't close to another name we already had (I did like Timea - sorry, don't know how to do the diacretic mark over the I - but we already have Timmy, even though her long name isn't the same).
So, the weekend has been spent throwing names at each other to see if we could find one we both liked.  We eventually decided on Maria - looking up the meaning it means "of the sea", so she's now Nyxie's twin (but not a mermaid, dolly "genetics" are weird in our house  LOL Sweatdrop )

[Image: d0f7c26f3119e05aa79c84020e82488d.jpg]
She is stunningly fancy - probably the fanciest of all the dolls! - and her teddy is articulated, the arms & legs all move!
Congrats on the new arrival, and what a nice end to the week. Hope next week is better.
I'm sorry to hear you had a bleh week - but at least Eclata arrived at the right time! She was quick! She does look fancy, her ensemble is pretty regal.

At first I thought the little teddy is leashed to her  Whacked like those kiddo leashes some people use to make sure their kids don't run away on the streets and thought it's so off-concept, before realising it's just the decoration on the dress behind the teddy Tongue I think Maria is a fitting name for her, somehow more fitting than Tímea* would have been, so I like the choice.

*just let me know if you ever need help with diacritic marks, my language is full of them**, and thus so it my keyboard Tongue in fact, my given name also has one by default, but I usually don't use it other than on official documents, it'd just present issues (e.g. it might not appear correctly when I communicate with people abroad - which is all I do all day at work).

**though I'm sure neon_jellyfish could offer an ever better help there - Hungarian only uses the acute type, and exclusively on vowels, whereas Czech is much more complex in this aspect, not being limited to this one type, and they have it also on consonants.
Heart 2 What a wonderful new addition! She is gloriously beautiful! What a wonderful skin tone! (And dark hair cut in bangs – that sends me every time!)

That elaborate outfit... is she a bride? Who is the lucky fellow? Is there an arranged marriage happening at Chateau Elf-LeJays? Is Finn in for an unex-pected – although certainly not unpleasant – surprise?
She's lovely!
She is very sweet. The teddy bear is a great touch. I've read that although it looks like a wedding outfit, it's actually more of a Spanish communicant one, which is where the teddy bear fits in. So Finn will happily remain a bachelor for now.
davidd - like Elfy said, we think she's not a bride, but a First Communion outfit (most brides probably don't carry a teddy down the aisle  LOL )

She's so gloriously fancy, I adore her whole outfit & look.  She will stay in her outfit for a while at the moment, until I can find something else for her.

I "rescued" another Rainbow High doll from the discount shelf this week - she was the only one on sale.  And as green is my favourite colour, I couldn't go past her.
Plus her t-shirt is great  LOL LOL

Jade Hunter - I took of her puffy-jacket as it was far too warm for it today!
[Image: ab38a075eaabe270e25ae8e0169fa511.jpg]
She’s certainly colorful, and those big eyes run contrary to the anti-sparkle movement she claims to endorse!

Nice find in the discount shelf.
I like her shirt! smile
Cute. And a lovely shade of green. Finding great bargains is fun. It looks like the body is quite sturdy and poseable.
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