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The RH girls are bright and cheerful.
(03-01-2021, 02:04 AM)davidd Wrote: [ -> ]She’s certainly colorful, and those big eyes run contrary to the anti-sparkle movement she claims to endorse!

They certainly do!

And she's got a bit of a sparkly sheen on her face as well.
I really like how green she is overall! And she looks great in this ensemble.

Is she the 'old' green girl you didn't initially like (sadly, cosidering you love green), or the 'new' green girl who you liked and planned getting? I'm not familiar with the line in this detail, so sorry if this question is dumb Sweatdrop
Not at all dumb - this is the “old” girl I didn’t like initially. Mostly because of her very casual outfit when compared to the others in the line at the moment.

I wouldn’t have paid full price for her, but when I saw her at the discount I was much happier with the price. And I wouldn’t have seen her discounted except that I went to the store to get a gift card for my dads birthday.

I have bookmarked a couple of patterns to knit for her - just need to find the time. I have enough leftover green yarn to fully outfit her a couple of times over LOL
Oh, I see, thank you. Yeah, at least if it's only the outfit, that can be changed quickly, and with a discounted price you don't feel you are paying so much for some contents of the box (some of the clothes) that you don't like. I cannot wait to see what outfits you'll be knitting her!
Given that we don't seem to having an autumn and have gone straight into winter, I suspect Jade will be needing some knitted clothes.
I've bought the patterns, but I need to finish another project with a deadline before I can start on Jade's new outfits.

In the meantime, we went on our quarterly-ish Ex-pedition to the city bookshops.  it was a lovely day, and Jade came along for the trip.

On the train - she's too short to look out the window  LOL
[Image: 6ec98959748e8b76fab9f782fa8f3444.jpg]

Morning tea at the cafe in the bookshop (this is Elfy's drink, I have coffee)
[Image: be9a6b233a390347e104e9683c4fa4a9.jpg]

With some of the haul from the ex-pedition - rainbow & green wool, and 3 books.  I also got a t-shirt & some pins for my knitting bag
(Elfy bought A LOT more books than I did...)
[Image: c2709c88287da553dfa83058c550247b.jpg]
Wait... the shops are open now?!? And you're allowed to venture out?!?


That riding the train pic is funny! Looks like a good time was had by all!
It was a nice day. Jade seemed to enjoy herself, too.
Oh yes, shops are all open & we can travel most places.

I thought the one on train was funny too - more so that one looking out a window at the scenery.
So is she posing with the sparkling drink to show her lack of support for sparkly stuff? Tongue

I like how proud she's sitting on your stash of goodies bought. The rainbow-coloured yarn looks awesome, I can't wait to see what you'll be knitting out of it.

I wish we had our shops and cafés open too - restaurants and cafés have already been closed here since November, with only takeaway possible, but since yesterday, most shops were also ordered to be closed, leaving only food-related stores and drugstores open. This further restriction is in effect until the 22nd of March, and I sincerely hope it won't get extended like the curfew always does - the only thing I hope more is that none of our machines decides to die over the course of the next 2 weeks, because we wouldn't be able to replace them easily like this.
Looks like a nice outing. And the rainbow yarn looks fun too.
My friend in Perth also says things are somewhat normal for her, except for the international travel she previously did All The Time, & she goes out for lunch with friends etc. She says the reason Australia has done pretty well in keeping cases down is that generally people have gone along with the restrictions.
It's partly that people do follow rules, but its also helped by the fact that we're an island with a relatively small population.
Aand, I just added another tick in the "I wish I was in Australia" box. I know we're screwed here because people always have problems following the rules... and as sad as this might sound, my overall ex-periences make me think it's not the "privileged"-type of ignorance ("rules don't apply to me") that's causing the issues, it's rather that so many people are... dumb. I know that sounds treasonous (sadly I never was the patriotic type, with how my nation -ahem, government included- works in general, I just can't be...  the reason why I'm still here is because I love the city I grew up&live in), but many here just fail to see any logic in all of this... which technically means they fail to see the logic in how to take care of (or just care about) others around you. Unbelievable. I mean, when the guy in the store wears a mask (back when it wasn't yet mandatory) but stands so close to you in the line (ignoring the painted marks to keep distance) that you notice them by the two of you touching, or when that other guy is about to sneeze on the street, so he takes off the mask (now, when wearing them is mandatory everywhere) to sneeze and then puts it back on again... holy moly Sweatdrop
(03-09-2021, 06:44 PM)Loona Wrote: [ -> ]... many here just fail to see any logic in all of this... which technically means they fail to see the logic in how to take care of (or just care about) others around you.
But-- but--- it's about ME!  I have rights!  I have the right to not wear a mask if I don't want to because [insert various excuses/conspiracy/pigheadedness] ....  You can't make me!
Some of the same in Canada too... I think we're all sick of the Covid thing, and if you haven't had anyone close to you get very sick or die, it's easy to let it fade into the rest of the bad news "from somewhere else" that we hear all the time.  I only know one friend who's had it, as I related a while back, and he was quite sick.  Our island has escaped so far, hence it's easy for people to complain about the stupid regulations (I do too).  (And some do seem a bit illogical.)  If we had people dropping dead by the dozen people would maybe think differently.
I also think people are just careless.  If you weren't used to being germophobic before this, it's easy to forget now.  My mom had a chronic cough which could've made a cold or flu a dangerous thing.  So we were always super careful about washing hands, avoiding people with germs, not touching face in public, etc. etc., so as not to bring something home.  People who didn't care about that are probably having a harder time being aware now.  I see masks under noses.... reporting on a community event where everyone had to have a mask, I watched the person in charge pause to rub his eyes, and thought "well you've just negated the effect of your mask, way to go".  I could teach some of these people how to really be germophobes. LOL
That said, I have to admit I would take off my mask to sneeze.  *Into my elbow!!*  Or a Kleenex.  Because I don't want sneeze all over my mask.  >shrugs<

Ah well.  Not the place for debate.  One nice thing about the doll community is it's kept on being a happy place while the rest of the internet is in flames!  LOL  Spread aloha!
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