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Full Version: Lejays17 2021 Doll A Week
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Oh, we don’t go into their yards -that’d be trespassing. All the garden photos we do that aren’t in our own yard are all done from the footpath (sidewalk / verge), and the dolls are sitting on the edge of the fence.

We aren’t exactly clandestine when we take the photos out in public. The ones with Poppy were taken on the main road that we live near ( we walk along it to the coffee shop), so plenty of cars going past.
We figure that we probably won’t see them again, and they’re roaring along anyway so won’t really see us either.
That is what I love about dolls in general they are so photogenic . Her hair is a perfect match for the flowers. Very pretty girl!
Elfy had the fun idea for a photo this week, I did take some shots of my own of the set-up, but hadn't used them this week.

In the meantime, here's Rowan with the 4 flowers - they are all different colours, so we are rather pleased about that.

[Image: 125983_760.jpg]
she looks very cuddly!
She is cute, and so is her outfit. She's dressed for cooler weather than I like, though!
The four flowers: are those the ranunculuses? Ranunculi?

I trust that Rowan merely stepped in close for a quick snapshot and then retreated to a safe distance. With an odd-sounding name like ranunculusesesi, those things might be toxic... or carnivorous!

Rowan is cute. I like her jacket and scarf combo.
It’s so great that the 4 ranunculi that flowered are all different colours. I was looking up the name ranunculus and found out that it’s a type of buttercup, so I think Rowan is pretty safe.
The four-colored flowers are very cool, and I love Rowan's outfit!
Roan is one of my favourite Gorjuss dolls, her whole outfit is so cute!

It was nice weather on the weekend, so I was outside with my knitting.  I got up to hang out the clothes, and came back to find this...

[Image: 126587_760.jpg]

Toni was very smug she could reach the ball of yarn  LOL

[Image: 126325_760.jpg]
Cats and wool, always a dangerous combination.
Ha ha, hope she didn’t unravel too much smile it’s a pretty colour.
Ha! She looks very pleased with herself. Awesome color!
Let the major mischief commence!
She wasn't as impressed with the later colours of yarn (green, yellow & orange) so she's relinquished the yarn to me again  LOL

However, shawl-kitting has been temporarily put aside for a cute knit!  I did a "mystery" knit-along - I knew it was going to be a gnome-shaped object at the end of the 3 weeks, but not the exact details.

This is Gnorwenna, who likes inventing different flavours of gnice-cream, and has taken over control of the cart to sell her creations.

[Image: 127207_760.jpg]

(I'm planning on doing another in brighter ice-cream colours - they don't take a lot of yarn & I have a box of scraps to use up)
Very gnice LOL
So, you follow the knitting instructions and don't know what it will be till it starts to take shape...?
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