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The other gnomes have been cute, but Gnorwenna and her gnice cream just adds an extra level of playfulness to the concept.
(10-13-2021, 10:41 AM)Alliecat Wrote: [ -> ]Very gnice LOL
So, you follow the knitting instructions and don't know what it will be till it starts to take shape...?

Pretty much - with most Mystery Knits, you know the basic idea of the object at the end.  Like, this particular one was going to be a gnome, as that's what was advertised in the pre-instructions (plus this particular designer is known for her gnomes  LOL ), but you don't know exactly what it's going to look like.

I'm currently doing a mystery-shawl too, the designer is known for his wild colour combinations, so it's going to be a ride seeing what happens each week.  I haven't ever knitted one of his designs before, but I looked at what else he'd done, and other people's projects before signing up.
I love your gnomes! smile
In all the excitement of showing off Gnorwenna last week, I forgot to include my anniversary gift from Elfy.

I love the Gorjuss artwork, and the dolls are wonderful representations of it.

So I'm thrilled that I got another one to add to my collection.

This is Little Red Riding Hood, who I've named Rori - I wanted a "Red" name, and Rowan had already been used  LOL

[Image: 127643_760.jpg]
This is Rori with some flowers in the house accross the street from us.

And another with the roses in the yard.

[Image: 127999_760.jpg]
I love her outfit with the mushroom motif.
She's adorable! Hope there aren't any wolves around to waylay her on her walk.

And happy anniversary!
Happy belated anniversary, and congratulations on the new arrival! smile
Thank you!  We didn't encounter any wolves in the court, thank goodness!  LOL

It was a beautiful day on Friday, and the travel restrictions have eased here, so Amelia & I went to our favourite beach.  Elfy had to work, so we stopped at the fancy chocolate shop & bought him a treat to make up for it a bit  Tongue

[Image: 128679_760.jpg]

Paddling in the ocean (it was very cold, I only got up to my ankles too!)
[Image: 128435_760.jpg]

elfy's chocolate - please note I chose the one with forum-favourite lighthouse  LOL
[Image: 128010_760.jpg]
Oh, I missed the gorgeous Gorjuss pic of Little Red Rori Hood with the rose! That is a very eye catching composition… and just plain fun!

Of course, a beach trip is even more fun! That first pic with the sunnies is too cute! And I love if that Amelia got to wade in the surf! It appears there was an element of risk in getting that shot. Pullips are not the most stable under the best of circumstances. The moving water adds to the challenge. I do not want to think about how challenging it would be to get sand and sea water out of that glorious orange hair!

I see limpets!
Ooh, looks like a fun day! I love the first picture where she's ankles-deep in sand.
Yay, a beach trip. Glad you could go. Maybe next time, Elfy. LOL
I like her sunnies, and the sand kind of colour-coordinates with her hair. Does it have an orangey hue IRL or is that just the camera/my screen?
I absolutely love the picture of her arriving at the beach. She looks all set for a day of sun and fun.
davidd - if I bury their feet far enough down, they will stand up  LOL  And she's actually leaning against the rock with the limpets, and I'm only an arm-length away if she takes a nose-dive into the surf.

Alliecat - it's "sand-coloured" which is not helpful at all.  But the rocks in the cliff are an orangy-red, so it's quite possible that the sand has an orange hue.  The shot was taken around midday, and I do no editing at all of the photos, so it could be a combination of it all.
And there's a public holiday (bank holiday?) on Tuesday, and it's supposed to be warm, so we will head off down the beach for the day.  A bit further along the peninsula than where this one is, I'm hoping tp get to the surf beach at least.

As it's Halloween today, Miranda was out "patrolling" the garden.

She was surprised to see a Woman in White lurking in the greenery.

[Image: 128823_760.jpg]

And it kept follwing her as she walked...
[Image: 129056_760.jpg]
Things seem to like following Miranda.
Oh, my! What a find smile
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