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Full Version: PrettyTiny Film Company Pic-A-Week **2021**! (The End)
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Thanks, all!
Yep, there were mosquitoes the minute you leave the beach. Ugh. They are pretty bad this year.
Another cheat this week. In a bit of a funk and not too active, so, here's a Dal House August challenge pic, for "wildlife".

[Image: 51389575936_abd8216509_o.jpg]
Janice & Darla checking out the butterfly farm. This year's population is overrunning both the neighbour's milkweed garden and my porch. They require daily runs for food (the deer ate all the milkweed in my yard) and a good half hour to clean out & re-stock all the jars.
See Red's adventures for more pix.
Do Janice and Darla also feed the caterpillars?
Oh! YAY for monarch gardens!

And YAY for Dolls With Bugs!
Breeding butterflies is such an interesting hobby. Janice &Darla look very intent on what’s happening in the jar.
Thanks, all.  
Fortunately a bit less feeding is required now as the majority are in chrysalises.  But the new problem is how close together some of those are, which is a major problem when they hatch at the same time.  They can knock each other off, or claw holes in each other's wings...  I will probably have to try to shave a few off the jars and suspend them elsewhere to give them all room.


What, not Red this time?
Guess who!!

[Image: 51407678439_79f970a791_o.jpg]
Did you braid the hair so nicely, or is that stock?

Pretty colors!
Oooh, she looks lovely! She totally needs a tiara smile
Oh yes, she is definitely a tiara girl!
The dress is stunning, and love her hair. Do agree with the others that she needs a tiara.
The pirate queen with a tiara.... Hmmm..... LOL She is not averse to the idea.
And yes, I braided her hair.

[Image: 51425706754_ed27fe2b5a_o.jpg]
This is (wait for it)... Dolly.
And her friend.
I got her for an overseas friend for Christmas, but she was so dang cute I thought maybe she ought to stay. So I had to get another one for the friend. Although, if Canada Post suspends delivery to Australia as I hear USPS has just done, they both might be here for a while.
And she came from the Dollar Store, hence the name LOL
She is cute and a double dose of cuteness too. Of course a pirate queen can have a tiara, it could be plunder.
Aw, they look pleased to have company.
They are very cute, and it's a nice gift as well. Will keep fingers crossed that postage isn't suspended & you can send it in time.
(09-05-2021, 11:11 AM)Alliecat Wrote: [ -> ]Although, if Canada Post suspends delivery to Australia as I hear USPS has just done....

Wait... whaat? But... I have something on order that I was planning to send to a friend in Australia! What's all this nonsense about?

(Just looked it up. Sounds like the Australian postal system is largely shutting down "due to COVID," and most international flights in to and out of Australia are being suspended "until Christmas.")

Your double Dolly dolls are adorable! And it sounds like you'll be keeping them for a while!
Thanks, all! smile

I am quite behind sorting pix from at least 3 girls' photoshoots. Here's one from Aya's this week, showing off her new dress.

[Image: 51443475637_96b2425bf0_o.jpg]
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