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Full Version: PrettyTiny Film Company Pic-A-Week **2021**! (The End)
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Such a beautiful Princess though. The golden light makes her glow.
She's definitely ready for her close-up... smile
The window light worked nicely with her golden hair, and provided a tiny glint of light in her eyes which really brings her to life!
Like all of your girls she looks so glamorous.
I'll echo others, she really truly is glamorous. She seems to be the type of girl who shines in any light conditions and can pull off any photo - a true princess! smile
Thank you very much, everyone.  Aya is flattered wink
Wish I could find her stock somewhere cheap!  Not that she hasn't got tons of glamorous things to wear already.

Wow, it really is Blursday; I just realized last week's photo title said "#23", hahaha!!  Someone failed to edit the title properly.  OK, we are back on track at #4.
This week's pic is a celebration of the little one who started it all.  Eight years of creative imagination-stretching fun, art therapy, distraction from unhappy times, and enjoyment of a lovely online community.

[Image: 50885406833_63d054039f_o.jpg]
"It's my BIRTHDAY!  And I am FABULOUS.
"Never be afraid to buy yourself flowers.  Because you are also fabulous and you deserve to have a treat.
"Love, Sunsette  Heart 2 "
What a lovely bunch of tulips! (Those are tulips, right?)

Thank you for being here to continue distracting us from unhappy times!
Aw! A birthday picture full of joy and light and beauty. Many happy returns!
Yes Sunsette, you are fabulous. Happy Birthday!
Sunsette is fabulous indeed - Happy Birthday to the little ray of sunshine! I hope she will keep bringing you joy and inspiring you for several more years smile
Happy Birthday, Sunsette the Fabulous! Tiny as you might be, you're one of the greatest Big Girls we've ever met!
Aya and Sunsette are both so glam!
Happy Birthday Sunsette!

And I fully endorse the buying of flowers for ourself for being fabulous & just because!
Sunsette very much appreciates all the birthday wishes! wink
The tulips lasted quite a long time.  I wish I could grow them.  Prime deer food, sigh.

There was lovely sun when I woke up... the angle of the light has changed enough that there is a hint of spring in it YAY... even though that is still a very long way away.  I really feel the changes in the light.  But as usual, by the time this night-owl got it together & got ready to take a photo, it was snowing a bit & the light was crappy.  Then it rained.  Bleh.
Anyway, this is Rose, whom I got many years ago before I was "into dolls".  Dad & I were selling art at the Christmas market, & this mainland vendor who brought cheap plastic junky toys to many markets, suddenly had a small selection of porcelain dolls.  They were all nice, but Rose really stood out.  Can't remember what I said to Dad, but he asked if I wanted him to get her for me for a Christmas present.  I thought it was cute that as an adult, my daddy bought me a doll for Christmas LOL

[Image: 50913820012_0d8df2e336_o.jpg]

[Image: 50913819957_866fb1bd5c_o.jpg]
She has a lil speck of glitter under her eye.  
I really wish I had a doll cabinet; she doesn't have a place out of the dust either, and her hair has got a little frizzed from being gently vacuumed slash
That is a sweet story about you and your dad. How nice that this doll holds fun memories for you!

I thought Rose looked like a Christmas angel when I saw this pic on Flickr earlier.
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