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Full Version: PrettyTiny Film Company Pic-A-Week **2021**! (The End)
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(10-21-2021, 06:33 AM)Elfy Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-20-2021, 11:16 PM)Lejays17 Wrote: [ -> ]The little blue one doesn’t look like she’s all that sure she’s heading to the right things now.

She's either lost something, or she's wondering if the car is moving too fast for her to jump out.
Nah, she's aft lookout.  Watching their six. 
They were hoping for a convoy.  We don't have enough cars.  ...Someone could ride the horses  xp  LOL

I couldn't resist doing that photo in the wake of the previous one, but since I am particular about the pic-a-week needing to be taken that week, and this one was from last week's shoot, here is another for the Official Pic-A-Week.
Today's hatchling marks 100 for the season.  He took forEVER to grow, and forEVER in the chrysalis.  He is so late.  And he lost a day's flying today because I selfishly kept him for a photoshoot and by the time I did it, it was too cool for him to fly.  He really tried, shivering his wings like crazy in the warmth from my hand, but it just didn't work.  He is on the clothesline reel out of the rain, and hopefully there will be sun in the morning to warm him first thing so he can get on his way.  His journey may be doomed, this late... but of course he'll still try.
I spent quite a while today just sitting with him on my hand, appreciating him, and being all metaphorical and communing with nature.

I'm also in a whole lot of trouble with the photoshoot edit, as I shot several dozen photos and unless it's a really poor pose or not sharp enough, I'm going to want to keep all of them.

[Image: 51615129972_50a78e440d_o.jpg]
Wow! Beautiful! Abbi looks so enthralled with her new friend. The golden leaves make a great background, too.
He contrasts so beautifully with the leaves. I hope he has a safe journey.
You can do it, little guy! Don't give up!!!
So lovely, do your best little one!
I can't believe you still have butterflies emerging! Winter has definitely set in here, with night-time temps well below freezing, and the leaves dropping from the trees.

Lovely golden hues in this photo, and a very cute pose!
Thanks, everyone.  I think this is my favourite pic from the shoot, which I still have to finish editing.
I don't think he made it...  The subsequent days were wet, cloudy, and mostly too cold to fly.  Then we've just had a fall nor-easter sad


Welllllll... you can't give them a photoshoot and then send them back, right...?  Maybe it's a dolls' conspiracy to arrive in So Much Packaging that they can't possibly be got back in it to be sent away.
Since the PTFCo crew is against discrimination and believes every dolly deserves a chance whatever their issues ... ...I guess Poppy will stay.  Some day if I feel ambitious I'll see if I can "paint" that shoe with a marker, and fix her hair.  Will just have to be careful with that leg.  I'm still going to put a bad review on Amazon, and the company so far has ignored my FB query.

So in a last few minutes of sun this afternoon she got some photos with this beautiful thing that my garden made for me  yay

[Image: 51637619445_f24c0d2d8c_o.jpg]
That is one very cool pumpkin. Puts our tomatoes to shame. I’m hoping the mandarin will fruit again this year.
The late lighting make both doll & pumpkin glow.

Glad she’s going to be able to stay.
Lovely photo! Your garden was definitely a success this season!

And yes, as LeJays notes, the pumpkin glows beautifully all on its own! No need to chop holes in it!
Lovely orange glow!

Quote:every dolly deserves a chance whatever their issues

You need that on a T-shirt!
Thanks, everyone yay
If you had seen the results from my too-shady previous garden, so many years of disappointment, you'd get why I'm so in awe that this grew in the new boxes!!
Mr Pumpkin is now in the freezer. He was just a smidge over 10 pounds. So far he has produced roasted seeds, 'guts' muffins, and soup. The latter is... a little odd...
I found a phone # for MGAE and a warranty page. So I called, they gave me contact info, and I have sent a photo of Poppy's shoes & the receipt, & asked for a replacement pair. We'll see -- maybe I won't have to 'paint' these with a marker.


Squeezing in at the tail end of this week... another spectacularly unmotivated week. Today I took Isabelle out to the last remaining little bit of sun in the backyard for a quick pic. It was contrasty, & only a couple of the photos were much good so here they both are.

[Image: 51660134746_91dceb1fa0_o.jpg]

[Image: 51660134651_8b65ff2bc8_o.jpg]
That dress is fun! Isabelle looks cheerful prancing around out in the back garden!

Good luck with MGAE! I didn't realize those dolls were from the Bratz company! I hope they offer you replacement shoes!
That is quite the outfit! The purple feathers really complete the look smile

Good luck with the replacement shoes!
Wow I loev that skirt beautiful!
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