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Full Version: PrettyTiny Film Company Pic-A-Week **2021**! (The End)
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Stylishly regal... with a dash of hot!
Aya wears that dress with panache.
She's gorgeous and she knows it!
Super stylish, gorgeous, and she knows it.

Her silver dress is amazing - and she has a tiara!
Thanks everyone!
I really love the dress; it was only a few bucks on eBay and I was so pleased with it and the pink one Victoria recently appeared in.  And Victoria, Aya, & Doryn are still waiting for me to sort through all the pix from their photoshoots, and then today I ended up doing one with Sara so I have a bazillion more.  But we recently received this dress made by Offgenemi, who unfortunately has left the forum, and I wanted to do some pix of her with it -- one of those cases when you know you've found the perfect look for a particular doll.  This looks like it was made just for her.  
So it turns out Sara is some sort of woodsy earth-goddess, and here she is to launch Dolls With Butterflies, 2021 Edition!

[Image: 51477921689_93a8ff4ef1_o.jpg]
Dolls with Butterflies! Always welcome!
Sara makes an exceptional “woodsy Earth goddess” and this is an enchanting image!

I am saddened to learn that the forum has lost a formerly active member.
That is a gorgeous dress! I miss Offgemini...
I also miss Offgenemi, although I do follow her on Insta.
[Image: 51513507884_2043ee7029_o.jpg]
This is Rally.  He joined the crew last weekend, on my only mainland excursion in 14 months.  It will probably be that long again, as the province goes down the toilet a little further.  Today a state of emergency with further restrictions on top of our new medical segregation policy was declared, as 0.07% of the population currently has youknowwhat.
It's hard to get out of bed these days.
Nice to see that Scarlett and Co have a new friend.
Cute pic!
Aw, he's adorable! Hope he rallies everyone's spirits smile
The woodsy goddess dress is an excellent way to kick off Dolls with Butterflies time of year.

And new edition to tge crew is adorable.
Thanks, all.
Sunsette acknowledges that her sister Scarlett is equally fabulous, but she's starting to have serious worries that she needs some major camera time lest her legions of fans forget who she is.... xp LOL


Haven't had Jake out in a while.

[Image: 51540447013_05d5ca1f43_o.jpg]
"I guess this is the hill to die on...."
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