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Full Version: PrettyTiny Film Company Pic-A-Week **2021**! (The End)
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(11-27-2021, 10:49 AM)Elfy Wrote: [ -> ]Does Sunsette make a good bodyguard?
Of course.  Invincible cuteness conquers all.

Snapshot time.  It hasn't been a very good week and the weekend is worse.  So, a late-day snapshot that I was saving to do in such a situation.  A shoutout to Keepsake Memory Bears by Mary, who will make a whole variety of stuffed critters from clothing that belonged to a loved one who passed.  (Or your wedding dress, or your baby's clothes.)  She ships!

[Image: 51724156847_80eb8faa08_o.jpg]
I love how colour matched they are.
They look lovely together, and what a nice idea to makes. Keepsakes out of precious clothing items.
Those yellow eyes are intense!
What a lovely study in blue, and such a happy bunny!
They're pale green, but yeah, sweet Cherie can also do fierce.

[Image: 51736760806_2fe6d1cb5a_o.jpg]
Mom-&-daughters portrait for this week.
They’re such a knotty crew, both Mum and Daughters too!
Dawn looks like she's ready for a whole different season smile
It’s always summer as far as Dawn is concerned. She’d like Christmas down here.
Excellent family group - although Dawn looks like she’s more dressed for our weather than yours at this time of year.
Yes I agree very nice color matching or grouping on these two last photos.

I tend to lean my dolls up against a pillow too for a easy shot.
Yep ... we are always in denial here at PTFCo about the end of summer.  That denial lasts as long as possible!  Several of them were still in summer dresses when we did the holiday wardrobe change.
You Might Be A Doll Collector If....
doing holiday wardrobe takes longer than decorating your house  xp

[Image: 51756040273_bbbedb9098_o.jpg]
We don’t change our groups clothes that often, either.
It’s an effort to get everyone into seasonally appropriate clothing. Most of them get a featured outfit & tend to stick with it.
Lots of glitz and glamor... with a few pirates sneaking in to the holiday mix! Your characters always look so cheerful - not a gloomy one in the bunch! They set a fine example for us all – both by being cheerful, and by getting to change their outfits from time to time!
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