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Full Version: PrettyTiny Film Company Pic-A-Week **2021**! (The End)
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The whole circus vibe is so cool. It’s a gorgeous outfit.

Good luck with getting the shoes replaced!
You got her in some really good light.
Thanks everyone!  smile
Isabelle's dress is rather strange; that frilly thing in the front is a sort of panel piece that flops open when you undo it to take it off.  It would be a most impractical thing to wear IRL, I think!

Another week goes whooshing past.  A little progress in the yard this week including digging up a ton of bulbs (NOT in a snowstorm like last year!  I worked without a coat for a while) and the arrival and installation of Composter 2.0.  The crew was inspired by Smarts & Crafts -- not inspired enough to do much real work... but they conducted a grand opening of the new garden infrastructure project  xp  LOL

[Image: 51678613255_e80eccc672_o.jpg]

[Image: 51677733266_1dcbb11cf0_o.jpg]

Fortunately I had got them out of the composter and was almost in the back door with an armful of them when someone arrived to buy some bulbs.  LOL
You run a garden bulb business?

The one in the middle looks marvelously wicked! Who is she?
Ha, no. I just put extras & cuttings & so on, on the community FB buy/sell page. People typically comment "me please" and then disappear. I was 2 for 2 today though!

That's Daesani!!
She's decided she likes being blonde after all.
They look very proud of the composter... well, Dawn and Sara do, anyhow. Daesani does look like she has some kind of devious plan in the works.
That's a great shot and the composter makes a wonderful place for them to play, they need to get it in now, because they won't be able to once you've filled it up.
LOL at the being inspried, but not enough to do any actual work!

they look very cool in there, seeing as it won't be possible once ist actually being used.
Thanks, all.
I can't decide whether the closeup looks like they're in a puppet theatre stage or some kind of space pod xp LOL

[Image: 51690076823_545e933ce7_o.jpg]
Watching a very interesting documentary about a trade ex!pedition in 1613 sponsored by her namesake, Date Masamune!
Puppet theatre! Like in the Elvis movie, “G.I. Blues.”

She looks extremely engrossed by the Masamune documentary!
Always interesting to see things about one’s namesake
Looks like she is very fascinated by the documentary, always interesting to learn new things!
I learned a lot more of the story than I knew before, so yes, it was interesting.

This week, Sunsette visited the provincial capital.  Twice, actually.

[Image: 51705485261_5df300a93f_o.jpg]
"It could be dangerous to go alone.  Take us with you."

[Image: 51706373785_f87747e40c_o.jpg]
"It's beer o'clock -- where's my riot??"
A safely socially distanced protest?
Does Sunsette make a good bodyguard?
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