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Full Version: PrettyTiny Film Company Pic-A-Week **2021**! (The End)
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(03-06-2021, 12:31 PM)davidd Wrote: [ -> ]Bummer about this year so far, huh? No improvement over last year, and, here at least, getting worse in a number of ways.

The same is happening here - just when things seemed to start coming back to life (e.g. an outdoor food fest was announced) and there wasn't yet any news about extending the curfew, the government has just announced further restrictions (and also extended the curfew) 2 days ago - I am feeling pretty down about this all, but I'm trying to stay strong. At least they didn't announce a complete lockdown, and we'll still be allowed out...

Catherine looks content, and also a little lost in her thoughts. I imagine she's waiting for the first days of spring when she can dance around barefeet among the flowers (and deer, who will hopefully leave some admiration time for her before they consume all the flowers).
She looks very contemplative, trying to catch all the warms she can.
Week 10 already!  It was "spring" today.  Won't last, but seeing 14C when I got up was delightful.  I Opened The Windows  Oh My
In the absence of real spring, you can buy some at the grocery store.  So...

Dolls With Flowers, continued.  Here's Cherie.

[Image: 51030894947_c31d853a7e_o.jpg]
Sunshine and flowers? Here it was nearly a foot of new snow, the single largest "dump" of snow this season!

Cute and colorful pics!
She's holding on to it so tenderly, it's adorable!

Here spring has arrived, and is here to stay, I think. We do still have some fluctuation in the temperatures, but I don't believe it ever got below freezing in the past month, and on sunny (and non-windy) days I'm already contemplating switching to a thinner coat (but then I don't, and learn my lesson by sweating half my body's water content out). Part of me is sad because I never had a chance to see real snow this year, but luckily flowers and sprouts are already appearing, which always helps wash my gloomy feelings away - it's just what I needed after an especially probing winter.

davidd, that's what out winters have been doing in the past few years - dumping one last load of snow on us in the beginning of March (though they usually did so after not presenting us any snow during the actual winter months), but this year it didn't even bother with this last load...
Quote:In the absence of real spring, you can buy some at the grocery store. 

That made me laugh smile

Also, I love her necklace!
Cherie us so cute with her “bought Spring”.
Like seeing spring, because here after a relatively mild summer, we seem to have skipped autumn and gone straight to winter.
Well, I made it before the end of the week this week. Woot. I wanted to shoot a pic of my green-haired-girls for St. Patrick's Day, but, "life" and stuff. Plus I'm still trying to get out from under the jetlag of Daylight Saving slash

(03-15-2021, 05:02 AM)dargosmydaddy Wrote: [ -> ]Also, I love her necklace!
It came with the gown & wrap. "lovelygirlstore2010" on eBay used to have really nice outfit sets & all came with a necklace. When I first started collecting I bought a ton of outfits from them. Disappointed to see that they appear to be doing only jewelry now.
It's really cute but it's also a real stinker to get on/off, because it has a screw-in clasp, & with a big Pullip head in the way I seem to need tweezers to handle it.

Anyway, Dolls With Flowers!!, again!!! Yay!!!!
The Christmas cacti are still going strong.

[Image: 51048240247_6bfe60ae29_o.jpg]
Dolls with flowers is an endlessly interesting subject, I would say! Marvelous use of limited depth of field here to create a mysterious jungle-ish image with an emphasis on both flower and figure!

Yeah... life and stuff. I hear ya!
She’s so pretty against the cactus flowers.
She's so cute as she approaches the bud to give it a hug, awww Heart

We've been budless around here for some weeks now (since the Aloe vera and the other unknown-name succulent's flowers have withered), but just today morning I've noticed that one of my cacti is producing a bud! I'll try to take some "dolls with flowers" pictures with it once it opens - the other two that bloomed earlier weren't really good candidates for such photos.
Thanks, all.
Dolls With Flowers continues.
It's really early for crocus photos; most of them are barely showing -- and I got the chicken wire over them in time to keep the #%^$*@!! deer off this year.... anyway, Crystal & I were impatient so here's our first and only fully-open crocus.

[Image: 51068601638_36531de1e8_o.jpg]

(And thank you for helping me realize I apparently have a crocus blooming in my own yard... I was previously referring to it as "pretty little flower.")
Aww, she's so darling, the way she is longingly looking at the flower.

I love crocus - crocuses? croci? Sweatdrop  (okay, I actually looked it up in the end, because it bugged me, and apparently these are the plurals. Both of them. I was't really being serious there, and was sure there must be a better - though irregular -  one out there, as these both sound weird to my non-native self) They have been blooming for some time here, I actually think they will soon be gone already.
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