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Full Version: PrettyTiny Film Company Pic-A-Week **2021**! (The End)
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Despite it's ailments, Miki looks delighted with the blooms, and they are a very pretty orange.
She looks like she's concentrating hard on sending healing / growing thoughts. It's a gorgeous orange colour.
It's certainly a colorful flower; I'm sure with your support the plant will thrive.

Even your remote island is succumbing to development and deforestation? That makes me feel sad. More sad than I feel already. I mean, cutting down trees so their spotlight will shine in your yard? You should retaliate... with lasers!

Super Blood Moon tonight... on the west coast. I'm gonna try to get up at 5am to see it, although the sky is getting light by then.
Thanks, all!
Yup, some building going on, but not mainland-kine. Much of the island was logged over in the past, so I guess it was worse then.
Did you get to see the eclipse?? The moon set exactly the same minute the penumbral phase began, here. Poop.

Double-dipping with a Dal House challenge pic this time. The PTFCo administration has been slammed with Major Yard Projects lately on top of news deadlines, so not many pictures are getting taken.

[Image: 51207711221_3963c1bc6e_o.jpg]
Add to "need" list: miniature Adirondack chair(s).

Eclipse night was completely clouded over. Very heavy overcast. We need rain here, but no rain, just clouds, and only on eclipse night!
Samantha looks very relaxed!
Yeah, like David said, those chairs would be great and Samantha certainly appreciates the one she’s in.
Thanks, all! smile At least one of us is getting to relax.

Suuuper early this week. Better do it now cos I might not survive another session of Yard Project like the last couple of days.
"Cheating" again with another Dal House pic. Janice's friend is a little antique that was my grandparents' once upon a time.

[Image: 51214920689_38b2e014bf_o.jpg]
Awww... grandparents' ceramic kitty!

Where you live with the forest and foliage reminds me of where my grandparents lived. They had 40 acres out in the country, half of which was forest.
I forgot to comment on Samatha's pic last week - loved how she's got one shoe kicked off, that's the epitome of relaxed-ness I think.
And thirding the cuteness of the Adironack chairs, I really need to get some for our girls too.

Janice and the kitty are adorable together.
So cute, a little stone cat.
Antique kitty looks pleased with the attention.
Thanks, everyone smile
40 acres in the country sounds lovely!  No noisy neighbours close by!!
I'm not really sure what the kitty's made of.  He's definitely not ceramic; he might be some sort of resin (?).  Unfortunately due to old age he's lost most of the whiskers on one side.

Yard work stalled with a heat wave; it hit 34C in the sun today, wooohoo.  It's still about 24ish at 1:30 a.m. which is extremely uncommon here.  I'll take this over freezing any day.
Dolly Mail day!  PTFCo welcomed a new member today!  Woot.  Thanks to a bit of Flickr enabling, we unex-pectedly added another model.  She says her name is Glorianna.  Sounds rather grand, but she is really pretty.  Lookit those dimples!  We'll call her Glori for short.

...Now, this girl needs a body.  What she has is really solid -- but as you can see, she has no articulation.  She wants to be able to pose!!
So does ANYBODY have a mocha body of any make, with some articulation, that I could buy?  She is a tiny bit darker than Catwoman.  

[Image: 51236225120_34d6ed40ba_o.jpg]

[Image: 51235364638_f293544946_o.jpg]

(Also, it's Dolls With Flowers again!  This lilac needs a terribly tacky net surround to keep out the munching vandals, and the flowers are so short-lived, but they smell wonderful.)
The lilac looks incredible and it matches your girls hair.
Interesting new arrival. She certainly looks cheerful, articulation or not. Is she from the Barbie line?

It sounds like you spend considerable time and effort trying to fend off foliage foragers!
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