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Full Version: PrettyTiny Film Company Pic-A-Week **2021**! (The End)
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I'm sure some of my girls will be in summer clothes until next summer...

Everyone looks so festive! Even Poppy got a Christmas sweater... and did Samantha get a new dress?
Thanks, all grin
I got the dress Samantha is wearing a while ago, but hadn't tried it on her before.  It looks really good on her, I think.

Wow, I can't quite believe this is the second-last photo of the year!!!

[Image: 51768744080_142f6d30dc_o.jpg]
*attention please*...

The Queen of the Christmas Party has arrived.
You may begin.

What the heck, let's make it a doubleheader this week and get the party started.
Being PTFCo's only male model, I guess that makes Jake the king of our Christmas party! yay

[Image: 51767431437_77f5976116_o.jpg]
Once Sunsette arrives it’s time to party! I love her party dress, too.
Party has started for sure!

Jake looks very festive indeed at the King of Parties.
Jake looks fantastically festive in Christmas garb! In fact, in contrast to his usual dour demeanor, he actually looks like he's ready for some fun!

Of course, Sunsette, as a radiant Christmas angel, lets us all know who is really ready to par-tay!

Happy Holidays to the entire PTFCo Crew!

(That Jake holiday display is quite eye-catching and creative! I hope he becomes an annual part of your holiday decorating!)
Merry Christmas! Jake looks like he's done some serious shopping!
Thanks, all!  Jake is big enough to carry everyone's gifts.  I can't leave the setup, as it was on my living-room steps and both backdrop and lights were needed for other photos, but Jake does steal the minis' Santa hat and has an armful of gifts each year in his usual spot by the TV stand.
The crew are indeed enjoying their party, as evidenced in the party thread.  (I'm not sure Jake should've brought the grenades, but one has to be prepared for anything, I guess xp )



"Welllll... lll.....   ...  >sigh<
"Our rosy hopes from a year ago have been completely dashed.  We're not yet making sail for new destinations.  We're riding out the storm, down by the stern and pumping hard.  The darkness has grown, this year... and it has overtaken much of the world.  This year has brought out the worst in humankind.  (I'm glad I'm a Plastic Person!)  The divisions that have been driven into human society may never heal.  The world is broken.  
"Yoda was right. 'Fear leads to anger... anger leads to hate...' and we know where that goes.  The shadow grows, and it has touched us all.
"But Yoda also said, 'Luminous beings are we... not this crude matter.'  May the coming year see us all resist fear and the temptation to wish harm on those who disagree with us.  May we strive to rekindle the vestiges of critical thinking, common sense, and empathy, and may we all find hands to hold to help each other out of the darkness.  May we all look for the light in ourselves and each other.
"A year from now, may we all be able to say at least, 'It's better'.
"Happy New Year, Dolly Market friends.  We appreciate all of you!"

"Love, Sunsette  Heart 2 "

[Image: 51791971170_5211e19001_o.jpg]
"It's dark.  Take my hand."

[Image: 51791971125_874b2eae35_o.jpg]
"Luminous beings are we."
Jake has the right idea: come prepared to party, but carry a few grenades, just in case. Seems like a prudent approach to the coming year.
That’s a lovely sentiment, that we are all luminous beings. I will keep that in my mind when I’m struggling a bit with it all.
Yes, something I try to keep in mind as well.

I don't know if there are a lot of New Year's songs, but this one is my favourite and I always hunt for it to listen to, this time of year.

I like that Sunsette follows the Book of Yoda.
Thanks to everybody who followed the crew's adventures in 2021!
Onward to 2022.
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