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Full Version: PrettyTiny Film Company pic a week 2018 (The end!! Dec. 31))
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(07-05-2018, 05:22 AM)dargosmydaddy Wrote: [ -> ]Only third place? There must have been some stiff competition... you guys look great!

I agree, only third place? I am impressed by how closely your outfits mirror one another! Same brocade trim on the hats, same colour feathers, very similar pattern to the jackets... yeah! Excellent work!
Awesome!!! You both look great!
Thank you all yay
I was pretty excited to have somewhere else to wear the outfit besides the annual "Pirate Festival" I often go to. It really stands out among the usual "wenchy" women's costumes. I wonder if I should take Dawn if I go this year....?? (Although she's developed a lazy hand that wants to drop off; I'd be afraid of losing it if I carried her around town...)

(07-05-2018, 06:53 AM)davidd Wrote: [ -> ]I am impressed by how closely your outfits mirror one another! Same brocade trim on the hats, same colour feathers, very similar pattern to the jackets...
It's actually the same fabric! I was thrilled to find some online, but what a racket getting it. Seller #1 said 'out of stock' after I placed my order, seller #2 wouldn't ship to Canada & cost twice as much... Offgenemi helped me get it; she forwarded it. The feathers are left over from when I added them to my own hat. And Dawn's pants are actually from the original outfit pants. They're so small & cheesy they don't cover half as much as they should! I hadn't worn them in the 6 years since I got the outfit, so I sacrificed them for hers.
Now I have a ton of brocade fabric left over. Maybe I should try making an ensemble for Annie??? Oh My

Here's our other new crew member. Satti was a PUDDLE prize. She is the first full-size Dal to join PTFCo. Her dress here was also a prize! I bought the hat at PUDDLE too.

[Image: 41482250210_fcc8822cc8_b.jpg]
Nice prizes at PUDDLE! I guess your admission paid for itself!

(I'm just guessing; is there an admission fee for PUDDLE? How many people attend?)

Superb shot out there among the daisies. Great use of shallow depth of field. The figure really stands out, and the flower stems fading gently into the distance are visually interesting without being distracting.
Thank you. And for noticing the DOF wink
You can find out all about PUDDLE here.
It was $27 this year ... of course all the travel expenses are extra! I think there were 150 people there.
You should go!
Awesome photo, and congrats on your lovely prize!
Thanks, neon smile

Aya needs some photo time. She got a little bit today with a group outing but I like to give everyone their own shoot when they arrive, so I still need to do that. Anyway, she did get to go to the beach today. I just want to take a million closeups of this girl smile

[Image: 42597076145_ee676c0d47_o.jpg][
Aya looks great!
Aya definitely deserves a million close-ups! She's exceptionally pretty!
So very pretty. Looking forward to seeing the proper photo shoot soon.
Thanks, all smile I have to figure out what sort of shoot to do with her and what outfits she might look good in, but am a little hampered doing everything at the moment thanks to a bad kitchen accident... now there is a crater in my knuckle Cry I can type, but doing a lot of things left-handed sucks.

Doubling up on the photo projects this week; Omocha Crush has a photo challenge for Pullip's 15th birthday so this is the extent of my photography for this week. Let's see your Pullip birthday greetings!

[Image: 42739469845_b7871f51a1_b.jpg]
Looks like an awesome party!
Fifteen years of Pullip? That must have been... 2003-ish that she was introduced?

What a festive scene! I love your guitar-toting hippie girl!
Thank you both! (Haha, when you have to go buy cake at the grocery store cos you need it for a photo prop LOL )

Yes, Dawn turned out to be a very versatile model. Although I think this look is kinda the right feel for her, as we've seen, she is also discovering her inner pirate XD

Quickie snapshot this week, cos it's a busy week (and I'm cramming this in with 15 minutes left before I have to go somewhere). I don't know anything about this doll except that she has "Reliable" and "Made in Canada" on her back. I think she's probably antique by now. I don't remember getting her; I just remember she was always on my dresser from when I was quite little. She's now in the cabinet with the plushies. Her head and arms are held on by elastics twisted through the arm-holes.

[Image: 43782077902_df997a3a17_b.jpg]
Interesting. She's cute! She's been waiting a long time at the altar!

Here's some info on the Reliable Doll Company of Canada (1920s - 1985):
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