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Full Version: PrettyTiny Film Company pic a week 2018 (The end!! Dec. 31))
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No, that's a super cute sweater dress, not a fail! I keep meaning to try that project sometime!
it looks fabulous Allie smile There's no fail there <3
I love this sweater , the color, pattern and the fit are all perfect!
I think the sweater looks pretty cute on her.
(03-12-2018, 03:57 PM)davidd Wrote: [ -> ]I'm not sure why you consider this sweater dress a "design fail."
Well, because this...
[Image: 39139054630_e996b75981.jpg]
Consider it a bonus outtake from last week smile
That looks really goofy. And it's so skinny, and the top is floppy & has a big sag that has to be pulled to the back, but yeah, once it's on, it looks OK.
Thanks everyone; glad you liked it!

Our lil president and CCO (Chief Cuteness Officer) is back for this week's pic.

[Image: 40054540915_0ea49684e1_o.jpg]
"A star! There's a fruit for meeeee!"
She's so cute! smile Best little model!
She is adorable !!!! And she can rock any outfit you put on her , a true professionalsmile
Hmmm... okay, I see what you mean about the sweater. But it looks great when she's wearing it, and that's what matters, right?

That star fruit thing is kinda bizarre.
I have never seen a fruit shaped like a star before. It's fitting that it's in a photo with Sunsette Heart
Chief of Cuteness is an excellent job title for her!
Thanks everyone yay
Well I thought I lived in a backwater where cool exotic fruits are rarely seen (and when they are, they're probably not ripe), so I'm surprised others haven't heard of starfruit. I had heard of these but never tried one before. It was a little weird... generally because up here north of winter, you don't know how the fruit is supposed to taste, if you got it off the tree.

Double-dipping this week with a pic for the Dal House banner contest. Was thinking I'd have to do a tabletop setup because it was too cold for the beach. It was nice out today, but the tide was out so we had to make do with a tide pool. Janice was driving and a couple of times the wind blew them she backed the boat up and made as if to take off on her own... LOL

[Image: 39296436860_affac54dc0_o.jpg]
"Visit to a mermaid"

Bonus pic of miss Penny:

[Image: 41105320221_5d9bd020a7_o.jpg]

Oh, and everyone got wet slash
They have their own boat!
And you live in proximity to tide pools!
And tide pools make excellent ponds for little boats! (Less chance of being pulled out to sea!)
That looks like so much fun!
giggling again at the thought of Janice cackling as she speeds away only to be swamped by the next gust of wind. And Penny with the EG grin

That bonus photo of Penny is simply lovely. Lot of mini Dals are pretty but Pisces has always stood out, in my mind Heart 2
That's so cute! I wish they would have made a full size Dal version of Pisces.
The thought of the boat sailing away on its own makes me laugh. And Penny the mermaid is very cute.
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