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Full Version: PrettyTiny Film Company pic a week 2018 (The end!! Dec. 31))
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What a wonderful thought with which to wrap up A Doll A Week 2018.

And a huge CONGRATULATIONS for completing the year-long challenge!
Yay for dolly friends! The girls look cute and that calendar is adorable!
Wanted to post these together so that they're a little surprise, so I'm tardy saying this, but...

[Image: 8d977f4562c906bfa0e2b707a35416b7.jpg]

...congrats on finishing A Doll A Week!
Aww!  That's so cute yay  She's one of my favourites of your girls.
Thank you both!

Welllll.....lll...  I thought about doing a big elaborate year-end photo... a whole-family group shot, a dolly party... but... life...
It really hasn't been a very good year, what with various things that happened, so maybe it's best that 2018, like many years before it, slink out quietly with its tail between its legs.  There were a few highlights and a bit of fun, but, much of the year gets a D-minus from me.  TL,DR, but a long sad chapter ended last month...  Now it's reboot time.  A lot of things in my world need to change.  I'm glad the dolls -- and some good doll friends -- will still be part of it.  I'm very thankful for "dolly therapy" over the last few years.

So, cheers to you guys who completed the year's challenge, many thanks to the "faithful few" who commented on all the PTFCo crew's efforts, because a lot of the fun of photographing them is sharing them with others who appreciate them... and here's the little dollie who started it all, quietly looking out at the big world and wondering what's next.
May the new year bring you all happy times smile

[Image: 44730035160_7ea57d511e_b.jpg]
There she is, looking forward to a FANTASTIC 2019!

I hope the New Year treats the PTFCo crew and their Big Boss far better than did the previous year!
I hope that things will take a radical turn for the better in 2019!

Sunsette is adorable in that coat!
Pretty much everyone I know had a HORRIBLE 2018.

That can only mean, next year will be better! Because we went through two years' worth of bad things in one!! So nothing bad will happen this year.
Congratulations on managing to make it through in spite of everything going on IRL!
Congrats on pulling through and finishing this thing! Happy New Year!
Lovely pensive final photo.

I hope 2019 is a much better year for you
Congrats on sticking with it through the year! I really enjoyed your reaction to flickr’s ransom note!
All my wishes Allie for smoother seas in 2019.
Thanks so much for the good wishes, everyone Heart
And a wish for smoother seas is just right, given that "drowning in a hurricane" has often been my mental state in the past few years.
May we all have fair winds for 2019!
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