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Full Version: PrettyTiny Film Company pic a week 2018 (The end!! Dec. 31))
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Love how her hair stands out so much against the green couch
Thank you, everybody! Heart
Oh, that couch... it's ancient... housefull of parents' accumulation where nothing matches. Sigh.
davidd, it sounds like you need a Mirodoll... Tongue
"Mini-liza"... I like that... I've been calling it her mini-me, but I think Mini-liza is a great name too. Another shoutout to the artist: . Lovely work at very reasonable prices for a pro needle-felter.

The girls are watching the Olympics. Sadly, they were disappointed here.

[Image: 39537219485_35a47cef35_o.jpg]
Disappointing or not, they sure look adorable all sat together like that!
Sorry they were disappointed, but it was a great photo.
Do your girls play as rough as the Canadian hockey team, I wonder?

Couldn't even score with 4 on 3 during overtime... Mwah hah hah hah hah! Pretty epic game overall, though. More so for the 'Mericans, maybe.
they look too cute all huddled together ready to cheer, with their flags Heart I have no interest in the olympics so I am not showing bias (except for the PTC girls) I wish their team had won !
Thanks everyone grin TWO months of doll a day/week done already! Yay us!

This little girl was sort of Sunsette's predecessor. She was my favourite doll when I was quite little. I don't remember taking her a lot of places but I did play with her a lot. I most remember making her a house out of a cardboard box. I cut out windows & stuck scraps of cloth on them for curtains, drew art & things on the walls, flowers on the outside walls... I think there was furniture from another dollhouse or something, and maybe a bed made from a kleenex box? I made a yard from cut-open paper grocery bags on which I drew grass and flowers and a path, and there were tree trunks made of Tinkertoy with tops of coloured tissue, and a Tinkertoy swing... Alas, there are no photos as far as I know.
I think she was a prize in a family game night. I always assumed she was a dollar-store type cheapie no-name doll. Now that we have the wonders of the intergoogle, I searched the name on her back and was very surprised to find the Mego doll company was quite a thing, and that she is a "Dizzy Girl" which was their version of another doll called "Dawn". And depending what you read, they are somewhat in demand now by vintage collectors. It was quite strange to look on eBay and see copies of her, but kind of cool to see she has sisters out there.
She's kind of out-of-proportion with Sunsette so I doubt they'll be in any movies together, but maybe I should let her stay out of the closet and give her some camera time?

[Image: 40540403062_0d03752058_o.jpg]
Nice little diorama you've set up for her! I wonder if it reminds her of her old cardboard box house? She looks like a fun little thing, and I'm happy to hear her story, and to know that you've kept her throughout the years.

Nice nautical theme to the room, too. The knot board is fun. That little ship's wheel is almost a "must have" - it looks like it would be about the right size for my Pinky Street crew.

Congratulations on keeping your Doll A Week project going through two months.
Thanks, glad you like her yay The furniture is in a corner of a bookcase, waiting for the "someday" when I build the minis the lighthouse dollhouse kit I want for them. (When I first spotted it I had few enough minis to live in it!! LOL ) The little wheel is 2" high; the binnacle is... marginally accurate... I got a couple of pieces for a few bucks from a woman on the community buy/sell group who had a whole collection of little brass ornaments from Germany (I think).

Another in the "childhood dolls" theme... This is Susie, who might have been my first doll when I was really little. She can drink and wet (which I never played much) and her eyes close. I had a little buggy for her, and my mom or grandmother made this dress for her. She hangs out in the cabinet with my childhood (and later) plushies.

[Image: 26812285688_ca94c2ecfb_b.jpg]
Awww... She's sweet.
Susie looks so happy with her pink plush kitty!

I'm enjoying the touches from your nautical interests as they sneak in to these photos.
I love both of your childhood girls smile <3 Dizzy Girl looks like she would be in on any mischief the PTFC was up to. It's exciting that you have kept for the best reason (you love her) & then to find out she was a "thing" & is in demand :O

Susie has the face of many of the dolls from around the years of even my childhood. I'm glad you kept her. I didn't keep my dolls (my ted though has never left my side) & my daughter is wishing she had kept some of her million dolls now I think LOL She sent me the sweetest video of her daughter cuddling her baybees. Ah, dolls are forever grin
(03-08-2018, 05:51 PM)davidd Wrote: [ -> ]I'm enjoying the touches from your nautical interests as they sneak in to these photos.
Heh, thank you yay I made the pillow cover on Artscow. The photo was taken from a dinghy on a shore excursion from the "HMS Rose" off Nova Scotia back in 1999, the adventure that started my nautical obsession.

(03-08-2018, 02:08 PM)fishy Wrote: [ -> ]Awww... She's sweet.
(03-11-2018, 05:26 PM)Miss Edith Wrote: [ -> ]Dizzy Girl looks like she would be in on any mischief the PTFC was up to.... Ah, dolls are forever grin
Thanks, both smile Yes, I think she might be... and I like the idea of dolls being forever, to enjoy all your life!

We got a photoshoot outside!!! And it wasn't bleepin' bleepin' freezing. Maybe someday it will be spring; this makes me hopeful, haha.
This was my 2nd attempt to make an item of doll clothing... it was supposed to be a sweater but my socks are apparently too narrow for the design (thanks, Youtube). But Miss P can make anything look good, so for an early start on this week, here she is rockin' yesterday's design fail smile

[Image: 25889601887_6fb66f2fa8_b.jpg]
I'm not sure why you consider this sweater dress a "design fail." It looks as good as the sweater dress on City Chic Barbie.

Plus, that orangey-red hair in the late afternoon sun = Heart 2Heart 2Heart 2
I think it looks great.
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