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Full Version: PrettyTiny Film Company pic a week 2018 (The end!! Dec. 31))
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A great response to the demand!
*snort* Great response!
It can't have been easy to pose all those dolls bending over, even if the bigger girls are taking advantage of leaning against the wall.
Thanks, all. Cornflower Blue, Daesani's the only one leaning on the wall. The others are using knitting needles or big toothpicks. It was pretty hard to get everyone to stay put; the minis in particular. Sunsette's body is very loose sad

This week we're a little more civilized... This is another doll I've had forever, don't remember who gave her to me, but she's been around since I was little. She came in a clear plastic cylinder and sat on my dresser for years when I was little, and is now in the cabinet with the plushies. Nothing's articulated and none of her outfit comes off, but her eyes do close. A sticker on the bottom of her foot says "Empire Made".
Yes, I should have turned her pipes around properly. blush

Edit: well that was easy. A very quick google found her. Apparently there was a drummer too. And some similar variations.

Edit #2: I suppose no piper worth their sporran would be caught dangling their pipes so haphazardly. It was cold out and I was distracted. But it was annoying when I realized how it looked, so I re-shot it today! LOL

[Image: 46172633802_401b8d8934_b.jpg]
Interesting little figure! I was intrigued by the photo and your brief description. My Google search was not definitive as to the manufacturer. Most of the similar examples I found online of the girl bagpiper are wearing white fur hats.

I gather, from the intense ten minutes of research I put in just now, that "Empire Made" was a tag affixed to items manufactured in the British Empire but not in the UK up through 1997 or so.
Her outfit is adorable! And her ex-pression is determined!
I had a similar doll when I was younger, except mine had dark hair. Not sure where mine came from, it was just always on my dressing table in its plastic cylinder
Interesting to find out others had these dolls too!  It is a pretty elaborate little outfit.  
Yes, davidd, that was what I got too on a quick search -- made outside the UK, but I didn't know that some were so recently made.  There are quite a lot of them on eBay.

This week's pic is an "old family photo"... maybe I should've sepia-ized it LOL
Some of the dolls I played with when I was little.
I should note (hello Groove!!?) that none of them have any melt or crumbling body parts!  The Lone Ranger's outfit has badly discoloured; not sure why, it's not like he was left in the sun.  But even the dolls with the soft plastic heads on harder bodies, are all perfectly OK still.  Hmmm.

[Image: 44476951550_a61746aecb_b.jpg]
Background by my mom  Heart 2
Because back in the olden days when you were a kid, things were made to last!

(Or perhaps they were manufactured using lots of toxic chemicals that never biodegrade.)

(I really need the Smiley menu to get fixed. Imagine this comment is filled with winks and LOLs and stuff!)
Yaaay, vintage dolls! And the background is aaaaamaaaaaziiiiinnnnggg! So detailed! At first I thought it was a photo.
Thank you both.
Rocks & water was Mom's favourite thing to paint.

Well wow, almost there!!
So many "other photos" I was going to take this year, so I guess I'll have to continue next year.  I was going to show a few more childhood & other dolls but, with the week ticking by, I'm using one from tonight's photoshoot.  I'm not really doing Christmas this year... but the library always has a couple of nice lighted trees so I took a few of the crew to work tonight.  I must try to sort all the photos & post them before Christmas photos are out of date!  (Gah, I still haven't finished with all the PUDDLE photos!)

[Image: 46389762111_a157682e74_b.jpg]
Family story time.

Bonus photo...
When the crew gets so big you start needing a suitcase to transport them.  It was Annie's first outing away from home.  

[Image: 32517525898_0a0d602b4a_b.jpg]
The "Family Story Time" photo is adorable!
Your vintage travel case is too cool! If I had a case like that for dolls I'd probably take them a lot more places, simply as an excuse to carry such a stylish and "retro" travel case.
I'm happy to see that you are seriously considering continuing A Doll A Week in the New Year! (You could try for A Doll A Day; just sayin'....)
Great family photo time - nice to be able to use the local library for the back-drop.

I know what you mean about having many more ideas than I've taken photos of - I'm going to continue the Doll-A-Week next year and try to do some of the other dolls / toys I own.

Love the suitcase - I might have to "invest" in one of those, rather than carting the dollies around in tote bags and cardboard gift boxes.
Redheads having a story time photo is so cute! And what a neat case! My dolls travel wrapped up in white cotton in my backpack among all the other mess...
(12-20-2018, 04:01 PM)davidd Wrote: [ -> ](You could try for A Doll A Day; just sayin'....)
hahahaNO LOL

(12-20-2018, 06:53 PM)Lejays17 Wrote: [ -> ]I'm going to continue the Doll-A-Week next year and try to do some of the other dolls / toys I own.
Yay!  Looking forward to seeing them.

(12-20-2018, 07:09 PM)neon_jellyfish Wrote: [ -> ]And what a neat case! My dolls travel wrapped up in white cotton in my backpack among all the other mess...
It was the first time I've had it out to transport dolls, just because Annie's so big.  The minis travel in a glasses case or a little box, and the times Dawn went to PUDDLE she travelled in a poster tube.
The case was my grandmother's... another of the many things that live in the corners of closets in this house, never see daylight for years and then suddenly become useful.

Well.  NUMBER 52.
Wow eh??!
I'll have to do a bonus one next week maybe.  I thought about setting up some great elaborate last photo, but, ... life... slash
So this week's pic is about dolly friends, which is as good a theme as any especially for this season.  Dolly friends who become more-of-life friends are special, and they always lift your spirits.
Here are Charonne & Aya with some gifts from Offgenemi.  Thank you!

[Image: 31526373887_0cdf7d787a_o.jpg]
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