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Full Version: PrettyTiny Film Company Pic A Week *2020*! (The END!!)
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"Aloha, everybody!
"Here we are starting off another year of PTFCo Pic A Week!  My SEVENTH anniversary here is coming up this month -- hard to believe!  My crew has sure grown since I first arrived here in East of Everywhere, Canada.  We've had a lot of fun.  Mum is pondering what sorts of adventures we'll have this year.  Of course, some of us are hoping airplanes and palm trees will be involved.
"Whatever happens, we thank you for sharing our adventures and we hope you all have lovely adventures too in 2020!

"Love, Sunsette  Heart 2"

[Image: 49324439438_a206bd6c9d_z.jpg]
"The new year is a blank book.  What will YOU write?"
Aw, tiny book! Hope Sunsette gets to fill it with all sorts of exciting adventures smile
What a beautiful beginning to your A Doll A Week 2020 adventures! I love the warm colors with the autumnal browns, against which Sunsette's vibrant red hair beautifully contrasts.
The book with the map cover suggests adventures far and near, and the ship's wheel (looks to be perfectly Pinky Street size) beckons to the bounding main or the open road. Just a wonderful photo in every way!

"East of Everywhere!" I like that!
Welcome to the New Year! I look forward to seeing your story unfold.
A new year is a blank book - I look forward to seeing how you all fill it in this year.
Absolutely beautiful picture! And it reminded me of Sailing For Adventure from Muppets LOL
Such a lovely opening picture! Here's hoping this new year see the Crew well!
(01-04-2020, 07:53 PM)neon_jellyfish Wrote: [ -> ]Absolutely beautiful picture! And it reminded me of Sailing For Adventure from Muppets LOL
LOL  Haha, I remember that!  Now I want to hunt for that DVD from the library again LOL

Thank you for the lovely comments, everyone!  grin

Regular followers of PTFCo know we already have some bodacious and piratey crew members, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that the first arrival of the new year is a Bodacious Space Pirate LOL
I've never seen this anime and don't know if it's something I'd like, but I've been occasionally stalking this cute little character on Amazon or eBay.  Found one for a not-awful price on Mandarake.  The "box damage" was a tiny little scrape.  Unlike my first couple of nendos, that I've done next to nothing with cos they fall apart if you look at them, this one is legit.  She came with tons of extra arms and things LOL

[Image: 49370698887_9be42e42d0_o.jpg]
Aw, so cute! Nothing like enthusiastic, anime pirates smile
She's awesome. People would just love to sail with her.
She looks thoroughly enthusiastic, and should fit in with the rest of the sailing pirate crew.
Your cheerful little space pirate is absolutely adorable!

Err... I mean, imposing and intimidating and as piratical as they come! Me timbers be shiverin' at th' very sight o' her!
I haven't seen Mouretsu Pirates, either, but nendo Marika is adorable!
Oh, she's adorable. Could totally steal from shops and distract the crews easily.
I haven’t seen this anime but she is the cutest pirate ever! She will be off to new adventures with you !
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